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Write your own lyrics

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Posted about 5 years ago

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When you write your own lyrics you're  sort of telling people about yourself and how you feel about things. If you write your  own lyrics it helps preppie learn more about you. Write your own lyrics in this topic and let the world know who you are, what you like/dislike, and what you do for a living. Trust me it'll be fun!!!


Posted about 5 years ago

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And we don’t always see things the same
Once you called me a name
And I returned the favorBut you are my best friend       Foreverwe won’t ever let that end       No neverYou are here for me and I am here for you

That’s what best friends do

We don’t always see eye to eye
Don’t ask me why
But we don’t mind it

And we don’t always get along
but our friendship’s strong
We can always find it

We don’t always fit in with the crowd
but we still stand proud
and we stand togetherAnd we don’t care what other people say
We go our own true way
That works a whole lot better

Posted about 5 years ago

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Your own lyrics.

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