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(Church song kind of music)Sometime late at night I stear up at the ceiling and close my eyes and my mind is reading.so I think about sone stuff that's super mega deep oh these are the question i ask my self before i go to sleep.like do bees cry? who invented houses? did cavemen ever ride on dinosaurs?what are stop signs octagons and not squares? How come it doesn't hurt when I cut my hair? Questioooooonss these are the quesstiooons.  We ask before are answers awake with  all of are questions how do they get THOES ships in bottles? Do goas ever get Hungary? What do my teacher do n the weekends? Do spiders ever have party's?who would win in a fight again between a shark and a panther. it depends is the fight on water or on land? oh I guess on land. can the shark walk? Sure the shark has legs and can walk. (Shauna) I say the panther. (Chanelle)Wait does the shark have arms to?(jermey) Sure the shark has arms to.(Tristan and chanlle) Defanatily the panther.(channelle) were GETING totally off track! Back to who invented houses. was his name mr houses??(all) Questiooooooossss these are the questiooooos. We ask before are awnsers awake with all are questions.the last question ill ask if ill have that weird dream again about the giant toe.questions. (End of church like music) (giant toe talking) GIANT TOE? I HAVE A NAME YOU KNOW IT'S ROBERT, ROBERT TOE!!! (Chanelle talking) srry.good night Robert....toe...(toe talking) oh and shark vs panther defanatialy the shark. Toe out!

This song is from incredible crew on Cartoon Network it comes on Thursdays at 8/7 
the song is sung by Chanelle Peloso, Shauna Case, Tristan Pasterick ,and Jeremy Shada 

Sibuna 4 ever
Fabina 4 ever
U gotta love little mix
Watch your backs --A
My sock sings me songs when I'm lonely and need a friend
Bye haters kiss kiss ill see you later Bye haters it was very very very nice to meet you-Cher Lloyd swagger jagger
Gay marriage should be legal
and thats what you missed on Glee

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