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where the boyz at(star part)

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 5 years ago

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lookin all around the city city city lookin for a flyer young thang to come my way tonight kick step and we lookin so pretty purtty purtty turn on my pretty girl swag and i got my gorlz with me with me everbody tryin to met somebody all the pretty girlz want to have some fun i anit the only girl who want to met somebody im a lil picky not just anybody im not a lil gretty give me one more done if my swag right he can come get me i will make it so he will never forget me tel me


Posted almost 5 years ago

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Ayye omg girlz turn all the way up

This guy likes meh
But i dont like this guy
dayum im hungry
Naww i think im sleepy
Yeah bruh!!i like lemonade so
Okai wait what wayz i talkin about
I think it was Frank Ocean Wink

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