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Pinkie Pride- The Goof of song~lyrics

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Here are the lyrics-

It's your birthday party, a very special day
I've got a song, it won't take long, I just wanted to say
Happy, happy, happy, happy
Happy, happy, happy, happy
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

[Cheese Sandwich]

If you wanna be the life of the party
But you're feeling just a little uptight
Call the doctor, beg and plead
"Doctor, tell me what I need"
Try to put a little cheese in your knees!

[Pinkie Pie]

Bubbles and balloons, bubbles and balloons
What's a birthday party without bubbles and balloons?
Star-shaped or trapezoid, look what I can do
Only Pinkie Pie can make a bubble shaped like you!

[Cheese Sandwich]

Just let yourself go floppy, for now this is your chance
Pretend you have no bones and do the rubber chicken dance!

Hit it, Boneless!

[Pinkie Pie]

Cooler than a rubber chicken and tastier than cake
Come on, you, let's party down and do the Gummy shake!

Hit it, Gummy! Uh-huh! You know it! Shake it!

'Cause I like to make you smile, smile, smile
Yes I do
It fills my heart with sunshine all the while
Yes it does
'Cause all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
From these happy friends of mine

Pinkie Pie: That's my song!
Cheese Sandwich: What do you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Pinkie Pie: THAT'S IT!

Roll out the party cannon
When you hear the party cannon song

Why should you compromise? Try this one on for size
'Cause nothing quite says cheer like the ringing in your ear
Of the cheese supreme cannonball surprise!

(?? Dale, dale, dale ??)
No pierdas el tino
Porque si lo pierdes
Pierdes el camino!

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Pinkie Pride- The Goof of song~lyrics

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that's absolutely the cutest thing i've ever read cx

hehe c:

Pinkie Pride- The Goof of song~lyrics

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MLP- Cheese confesses song lyrics X3
I fear I told a little fib....about my pony past. I hope that when you hear the truth, you wont be aghast. I wasn't the super party pony that I claimed, the fact was so shy nopony knew my name....
I stumbled into ponyville one afternoon by chance. And found the biggest celebration party dance. Everything was perfect, cheer was filling up the place. and I saw that every pony had a smile upon there face.  I found that day to change my life, the past I did set free. Now cheese sandwich was a party pony filled with glee! A super Duper party pony that is what I became! I traveled all equestria, and all did know my name. Well that never would've happened on my own i'll tell you why.... For the one that threw that party was u pinkie pie Big Grin

I do

Pinkie Pride- The Goof of song~lyrics

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"Chasing_Tigerz" wrote:

that's absolutely the cutest thing i've ever read cx


Pinkie Pride- The Goof of song~lyrics

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SWEET  smile

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