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why do you put me down? does it make you feel like you're bearing the kings best crown? And I know, no matter what i say in every which way,  Haters Gonna Hate Do you do it smile? Cuz others have went the extra mile! Ya i used to take but right now this is what i have to say... Haley is my real name, singing is my real game! If you don't like it, don't fight it! Leave me, don't hurt me. I cry, My heart shrivels up then fries! I'm human, so be true man! True to yourself, Ya ya ya I am a Me! And I know no matter what i say in every which way  haters gonna hate! Haters have to hate, haters gonna hate, haters have to hate! -Haley (lollpoplilly)

-Haley (lollypoplilly)

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Haters Gone Hate

Her whisper is the Lucifer. ♥

Hey guys! I have a story on dA called "Sticks and Stones." It's rated for mature content, but I would love it if some older people would check it out!

Expect lots of pictures from me. If it's a dumb comment, I wont waste my time typing a response.

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