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What the heck has happened-full lyrics

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Aki Akuyama
Aki Akuyama
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April 2012

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Posted about 5 years ago
In mountains and ocean, Coming up and up THE LAWS OF THE SPACE Being broken and broken A lot of flowers Trauma and trauma Time is in danger Powering up and up What the heck has happened? What the heck has happened? Either up or down, You must be patient My head's, My head's The astringent future Withdrawal takes place Everything is haphazard Words are in danger High-ho, High-ho What the heck has happened? What the heck has happened? Fatefully and fatally "Hello" from the awkward past Repeat it under unconsciousness What were you doing out of my sight? The earnest indifference How long is your schedule occupied? Worrying long, going ahead Catching the wave, shivering Here and there It begins again Calm down, Calm down Enigmatic stage What's the profit of it? Everything is available Closer or further My vision's clear What the heck has happened? What the heck has happened? I don't know what I want to do Anyway, it's surprisingly comfortable Is am are was were be being What a fussy way of laughing it is Even you can do alien I'd be starting tomorrow here Let's shout out the greetings With your wicked passion I've gone too far to go back Snacks at 3pm are castella The moment of 1000th anniversary Obvuously it is increasing By the way, what flower is this? Answering quizzes for 100 years What the heck, what the heck has happened? What the - heck has - happened?

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