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AdrienneW._2187294 Lock
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July 2012

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Posted almost 4 years ago
1. Young nino **** a ***** in the peacot>>>> tyga 2. Eh... TRY THIS somethin somethin 3.Throw the sucide doors up... i threw suicides on the tour bus i throw suicides on a private jet you know what that mean im fly to death i step in Death Jam building like im the **** 4. i dont even know what that means- no one knows it means its provocative no its not its gross- GETS THE PEOPLE GOIN!!! 5.new gospel homie take six and take this..... HATERZZZZ!!! 6. met er at a club.... she said playa wuz up.... took her to mi crib- and you know i.... 7. ok guess!!!! good luck sorry about number two

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