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The girl on Fire Lock
The girl on Fire
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April 2012

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Posted almost 4 years ago
here we go now here we go now now now yo, now look at me walkin' down the road like a v.i.p. just doin' my thing with my girl z yeah ya b-b-b-best believe me hey b i'm doing my bang and were not saying "what?" in the heavy sing we got the moves we talk the talk and now were gonna show them we can walk the walk when we up in the club its easy to see we got style in are veins cause fashions what we breath when we up on the runway we doin' it right, right r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-right see the rest on youtube

My opinion matters.Yours?.....not so much.

I say Thankyou GOD 4 everything

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