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Three Days Grace Fans (:

Posted By:
KittyRocks_1233921 Lock
Member since:
March 2009

Posts: 129
Posted almost 4 years ago
Hai guys :3
You're probably here cause you like Three Days Grace :3
I suck at writing these o.q

Uhm....random questions xD

1) How long have you been a fan?
2) Top 5 favourite songs?
3) Favourite album?
4) Do you have a favourite band member? If so, why?
5) Reckon you'll be a fan for the rest of your life? :3


1) I've been a fan for 7 years. I'm 14 now :3
2) Just Like You, Home, Never Too Late, The Good Life, The High Road
3) My favourite...has to be One-X, but I really like their first album ^^
4) I don't know to be exact. I love each and every one of them, but....Neil Sanderson is my favourite, hehe. He's the main reason I took up drumming! Big Grin
5) Pfft, of course!! ^___^

"Just A Patched Up Crazy Matryoshka!"

Gir: I'm gon' sing the Doom song now! Doom doom, doom, doo doo doom, doomi doomi doom!!!

Posted By:
KingShawn13_1519518 Lock
Member since:
June 2010

Posts: 4008
Posted almost 4 years ago
1) How long have you been a fan: Like their music for five years just did not know that it was their music I was listening to. 2) Top 5 favourite songs: Time of Dying,One-x, over and over, Get Out Alive, Never too late. 3) Favourite album: One-X of course 4) Do you have a favourite band member? If so, why:Not really 5) Reckon you'll be a fan for the rest of your life?: Their is no doubt about me being a fan for the rest of my life

Thank you everyone for six amazing years of joy, humor, happiness, and excitement. No matter how far are paths may divert I'll always be here with you. So please don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Thanks you Rahmeir, Alyssa, Kathryn, Caitlin, Veronica, Monica, and all my rp and debating buddies. Thanks for the memories.

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