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Three Days Grace Fans (:

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Hai guys :3
You're probably here cause you like Three Days Grace :3
I suck at writing these o.q

Uhm....random questions xD

1) How long have you been a fan?
2) Top 5 favourite songs?
3) Favourite album?
4) Do you have a favourite band member? If so, why?
5) Reckon you'll be a fan for the rest of your life? :3


1) I've been a fan for 7 years. I'm 14 now :3
2) Just Like You, Home, Never Too Late, The Good Life, The High Road
3) My favourite...has to be One-X, but I really like their first album ^^
4) I don't know to be exact. I love each and every one of them, but....Neil Sanderson is my favourite, hehe. He's the main reason I took up drumming! Big Grin
5) Pfft, of course!! ^___^

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Three Days Grace Fans (:

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1) How long have you been a fan: Like their music for five years just did not know that it was their music I was listening to. 2) Top 5 favourite songs: Time of Dying,One-x, over and over, Get Out Alive, Never too late. 3) Favourite album: One-X of course 4) Do you have a favourite band member? If so, why:Not really 5) Reckon you'll be a fan for the rest of your life?: Their is no doubt about me being a fan for the rest of my life

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