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Seriously, what's so great about him? He's been in prison for starting a fight (which an eighteen year old died in), and he's done drugs. Music wise? -Falling In Reverse arent even that good, and Escape The Fate have improved loads since they replaced Ronnie with Craig Mabbitt. Im also going to add, Ronnie is really UGLY! Sorry if you dont agree, but personal opinions xD -Millie

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I don't HATE him, but I certainly prefer Craig. The band did the right thing chucking him out - he wasn't the greatest singer, but I still like Dying is Your Latest Fashion. The fact that Falling in Reverse has songs attacking ETF definitely says what kind of person Radke is though.

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In reality, Craig was trashing Ronnie at a concert. So Craig is being just as bad with the whole "attacking" each other. Put it this way their both being childish & in my opinion FIR is way better than ETF. On that note.. Jackie Vincent is a great guitarist.  Big Grin

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