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Emani Stay'Pretty ☺☺

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Emani Stay'Pretty _2320817
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December, 2012
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Alrightt so of course im a newbie. I dnt really got all tha friends nd im not really lookinq for dat rite now, I jst wnt to have fun nd chat with people. Yhu can add me, bt jst kno I'm nt goin tew add yhu. I accept all requests tho. Im really cool whenn yhu get tew kno me nd i jst wnt tew hve fun. I dnt care about tha girls who hate me cuz they jst wana be me nd people say I hve a tough wall or somethin nd mayb i do bt im still pretty kewl, dnt let mii bio scare yhu lol. I jst wnt people to get the fact that i dnt take no stuff nd i dont get run over. I dnt have to be in charge of everythin bt if i trust someone i really trust dem. I am from californa nd i jst movedd bt i already made friends, i wnt every boy tew kno i aint lookin to be in a relationship bt im free to tawlk jst bout anythin, like if yhu wnt to give me a compliment or somethinq =D alright, i think im unidue nd i dnt cal it cocky bt i have a high level of self-confidence lol bt i jst dnt go around bragging nd stuff like i kno im pretty im jst a beautiful person nd i can be yo friend as long as yhu nt jealous, bt dat seems to not happen lol aiight byee mii NINJAS lol add me nd inbox me!!!!!

-Emani Stay'Singlee Black ♥

Emani Stay'Pretty ☺☺

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December, 2009
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Welcome to Kidzworld, I hope you enjoy yourself here! smile


Emani Stay'Pretty ☺☺

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September, 2012
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Hello! Welcome To KW!! xD

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