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Hayy Kidzworld my name is $wagGurla on Kidzworld but if yhu look on my profile it says my name is Sade (sha-day) thts meh real name. It also says on my profile tht i like real ppl and not fakers!!!! Tht is true. All meh friends on here and in the real world r R-E-A-L!!!!!!!! If u see me wit a fake person its the end of the world!!!!!!!!! And i LUV SHOPPING  Love it is in my DNA. And in the future u shall c a blog from me about fashion. I will keep u hip on tht and if u just add me or comment on this forum on Kidzworld then i will answer any questions on here as well! I luv u guys make shure u add meh 4 shure!!!! and u will see me in the FUTURE!!!!!!!

STAY REAL 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool THE WORLD ALREADY HAS ALOT OF FAKERS AS IT IS!!!!!! LUV U GUYZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile

BAII  smile


Posted over 5 years ago

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Hey Sade! Welcome to Kidzworld, I hope you have a nice time here!

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