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Hello, New users! Welcome to KW!!!

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Hi all new users of KW. ON KW, there is a rewards Program. I have 8,293 coins. there is something called double coins in July. You earn a lot of coins while doing quests. On your profile, their is a comment section. it's where people comment. You have to approve the comments. On your profile, you have widgets. widgets are things like you use on your phone. their is a video widget. Click "add video" to add a video. you have to copy the embed code for a video from Youtube, #######, or ###########. Keep in mind all videos are moderated. New users can send Me friend requests. You start out with one friend: Kidzworld News! I am almost at 100 friends. you have to fill out a form for KW when you sign up.  You can set your settings to high, Medium, or low. on the other side on your profile page and it follows you everywhere, it is your notifications. It tells you what users Notified You for Forums, Articles, Comments, Private Messages. well, that is all i can tell you! BYE!!!

Hey guys! welcome to my forums! Here are some
pics to explain my forums:
Heart With Pedals!!! :)

Nyan Cat eatin Donuts!!

Triangular art


those are few of my photos to explain my threads
a bit. subscribe to my forums! It's Free, Ya know! I am sometimes random. Pocket Monsters is AWESOME!

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