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sweet_thang001 Lock
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January 2007

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Posted almost 10 years ago
Hey! If ur a new member and u want some friends, come here! I''ll add you if u want! Meet and Make friens!


If you don''t stand behind our troops feel free to stand if front of them

--Do you ever just wish you could hear the sirens of the ambulance--Wake up in the emergency room and hear the doctors say "She isn''t going to make it"--Just so you could find out who REALLY cares about you?!--

if you see someone without a smile give them yours smile

I think I''m afraid to be happy because whenever I''m too happy something bad always happens

some people thing it''s
holding on that makes one strong but
sometimes it''s letting go

No smile
is more beautiful
than one that has struggled through the tear

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