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why arent you answering

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baseballguy94 Lock
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January, 2007
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Posts: 45
Why is no one answering this post I have had about 17 people view this and only one person responded thank you to the person who answered you''re a great friend
plz respond

A little somthing about ME:
Likes: baseball,soccer,high school musical, hehe girls smile,
soda,outside,camping ETC ETC ETC.
Dislikesmean) rich people,bullys,snobby popular people,snakes,fruit cake,rap music xsome!!!),and thts it for now.
Foods: Brownies,cookies,candy,veggies,fruits,ALL meats,flounder.
Pets: 2 kittens,1 big cat
Old pets: 2 guinea pigs,2 gerbils.
Girs I like: Amanda S. xschool)
Well if you wanna learn more about me go to diarys and stuff and ask away! Im not on alot though so dont expect an answer very fast Big Grin
My diary thing is called
*Ty''s Place*

why arent you answering

Posted By:
HollyWoodQT23 Lock
Member since:
January, 2007
Status: Offline
Posts: 200 are we supposed to respond when u didnt really say n e thing? lol


Big Grin

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