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Hello,my name is Summer.

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Scrub_544932 Lock
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January 2007

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Posted about 10 years ago
Hello,as you probably all know my name is Summer.You can call me that Sum,or come up with a crazy nickname for me!!I am ten,livin in the state of MO. Here is some things about me....

buttercup95 xhaven''t foudn out her name)
Brandi xBre)
jellybellyz xI think I got that right)

Well hope to make friends with all of you.......oh and join my club the DEBATE CLUB!!!

p.s. Well buh bye see ya ,oh and if you could read my new stary and my first,How Coudl This Be,I Don''t See.I will be updating it all the time.Someone please give me replies...!!!

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