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Ways to take care of your dogs

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Posted over 5 years ago

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                                                                            dog list  

 1.Let your dog out EVERY DAY and if your dog is whining let them outside (IT MIGHT NOT BE THAT THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM)my dog dosen`t always have to go.
2.Always give your dog enough food or they might get stomach ache.
3.if your one of those people that like to give your dog a treat when they do a trick thats fine but I just would probably give them only three treats because my pups get a stomach ache if they get over three treats but when thein puppies you have to teach them tricks!
4.Alwawy love your dogs! if you have a dog gate up let them in to the livingroom we have a dog gate up in the kitchen so when my mom and I want to have them in I go and get Paige and Charlie and put them in to the livingroom for a little bit!
5.Okay this is my last tip sorry for making it too short i`ll try to make another dog list post i`ve always wanted to be an author but i`m only 10 but anyways you have to be strict to your dog if they are disobidient if you want you can have a spray bottle (OF WATER) and give a little sprits of water on the back but if that dosen`t work then yell no!


                                    Emma P.


Posted over 5 years ago

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Thank you for posting this Big Grin

hugebear from gracie and mia
classicalmusicisepicdonethis for me siggy :love thank you

from classicalmusicisepic for mesiggy

hugebearkeep calm and hug ted

Posted about 5 years ago

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Thanks for the tips! ^-^

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