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i luv dogs

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mz.ray alday
mz.ray alday
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March, 2012
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Some people dont understand dog cause some dogs don't understand people.if your gonna get a dog get one that fit Your family personalaty lke if u have a laidback family get A french bulldog if your family do a lot of sports get a lab. If your have a fun family get a golden retriever. smile

Vanellope.-----;:-PSmile Nose:-D

i luv dogs

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September, 2012
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me too. i wish i had a dog

I'm Manjari825, and I'm a girl. My pet peeve is my friends being bugged or bothered. But I'm a book nerd. I read plenty if books- from Canterwood Crest to Hunger Games to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson-I've read A LOT. I love to talk and chat so message me anytime.
percy jackson, harry potter, and every book rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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