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Is your pet naughty?

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Yes! Cassie, our cat, meows VERY LOUDLY from 9am till we feed her for breakfast, 1.20 pm till we feed her for lunch, 3pm till we feed her snack biscuits, 6pm till we give her scraps of cooking dinner, 7pm till we give her some of our dinner and 7.45 pm till she gets her own dinner. And if she doesn't like it she doesn't shut up. Also, she is quite small but she stretches herself across the sofa so we can't sit down comfortably. At night, until you go to sleep, she sits on your chest (she's 6kg) and stares at you. At 1am, she insists on clutching your fingers very firmly in her paw (OW!!!!). She growls at the vet and dances on his scales and bites him. She growls if you pick her up while the TV is on. She sits on magazines and books so you can't read. She makes us open the door instead of using the cat flap. She pulls the fur out our other 2 cats, who are older. Her tummy MUST be tickled every day - but do it for more than half a minute and she scratches you. She stalks off and yowls from the top of a tree and won't come down till it's food time (see above) when we flea her/worm her/cut her claws. She circles your legs and sits on your feet all day if you take away a kill, even if it's just a vole. Whenever we rescue a hedgehog (2 acres of lawn and 2 acres of woodland with sheds, garages, ponds, flowerbeds and lean-to's), she always seems to get her nose prickled. Although we can understand why she's scared of the cockerels, she's terrified of the hens, very gentle, run away from her and tiny. She always rips the heads off her prey, leaves their blood, torso's and guts thrown around the kitchen and camoflaughes the head so we step in it without noticing, Tabby or Tom find it a week later and somebody eats it when it's rotten. God Cassie!!!!  

Elfy and Kathy her bestie forever!!!!

Is your pet naughty?

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"imanerd3" wrote:


Um, what?

Is your pet naughty?

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Sometimes Jr. is. He scratches our couch.

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