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oscar fish or goldfish

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Default girl
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I got the oscar fish from my class room it is like a perona if you stick your finger in the fish tank he would bit it  my teacher did it when he was a baby she said it tickled but she will not do it know that is grown up and p.s the oscar fish can eat the goldfish but not alot also bugs but we feed it blood worms and thes wierd looking pebble things so please choose one or both Angel there both awesome Wink Big Grin smile Hippie Cool Tongue Out Dazed Punk Clown Vampire Confused


Posted almost 6 years ago

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I had to google what an Oscar Fish is o.O I'm saying Goldfish, those Oscar Fish are... weird? xD 

Jag och min valp, Elvis
Me and my pup Elvis [ whispers ] I woke him up to do this c:

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