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Help with my new cat!

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January, 2012
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Hey!  got a new kitten today she's 5 months and my dog is jealous of her. They can't be in the same room together without tension. The cat doesn't attack but my dog is sooo jealous. She won't come out of my room or eat or drink! besides that she is comfortable! Any help!

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Help with my new cat!

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August, 2012
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There's not really a whole lot you can do except get your dog used to the kitten. You just have to show your dog that you still love him/her. Since you only got her today, you shouldn't be so worried yet. My cat was very jealous when I got my dog six years ago, and my cat has obviously adjusted now. (:

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Help with my new cat!

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July, 2012
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you have to keep them in separate rooms. First, make it so they can't see each other. Then make it so they CAN see each other. After they get to the point where the dog isn't "jealous", let them interact with each other. This was on a professional show. Big Grin

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