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Sleeping puppies

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M&M Gal_461993 Lock
M&M Gal_461993
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January, 2007
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Tired snoozing,
Sleeping puppies.
Tough, vicouse,
Sleeping puppies.
Playful, wild,
Sleeping puppies.
Dorky, Weird,
Sleeping puppies.
No matter what they are,
They''re sleeping puppies.

MxM Gal
[an mxm u can''t eat]
By the way Over 90% of kids have tried smoking if you''re the 10% that has not copy and paste this in your signature.

Sleeping puppies

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ihartharrypotter-l Lock
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January, 2007
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is it symbolism or is it simply about sleeping puppies.

Harry Potter is my life, and that is all i have to say.


She''s beautiful, but she doesn''t mean a thing to me.

Sleeping puppies

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HogwartsGirl Lock
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January, 2007
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I don''t get it

My dream is to be a writer! My role models are Eoin Colfer, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paloni and Daniel Handler [Lemony Snicket.] I write storys for fun and think it''s great! I love to write! Writing is my life. When I have a bad day I''ll go home and lose myself in a book that I am writing or a book that someone else has wrote. My imagination is so wide and in order to make room for the so called "important stuff" like math, history and science [LOL] I have to write down my story''s on paper. Remember to always follow your dreams and maybe just maybe if you try hard enough they could come true!
Read my posts on here called "Dayz in a nutshell! Tell me what you think!!", "Dayz: Book 2" and "A new story I am writing!" Tell me what ya'' think! And there is also a story where you can add on to called "A story you can add on to." Check it out!

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