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Mean Girls

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Posted almost 5 years ago
Let me introduce myself. I'm Avril Williams. I'm in the 11th grade and trying to survive it. I say that because there are these mean girls and a bunch of DRAMA.
 They think their super popular and have all the friends in the world. Like WHATEVER! They don't have any friends, their not popular, and who cares about them but them selves? Don't answer that last question, K. Well let me get you settled in on the high school:

 There are these cliques and their basically your popularity ranking. There is the poplars, queens-in-training, the athletes, the rocker stars, and the nerds/geeks. The poplars are, Anna Ross, Hayley Houston and Hope Battlefield. In the queens-in-training there's, August Red and Emma Star. In the athletes section is Jennifer Mallory, Rex Corderoy Alec Perez, and so on. In the rock star section is Me, Marley Rose, Carter Blaine, and Tyson Blue.
 Those are most of the main characters in the school and the cliques. Trust me there's more than that. Ok the dating thing is crazy! Anna's dating Cater, but so is Hayley. Hayley is also dating Tyson and Tyson's dating Jennifer. Marley was dating Alec, but he got stolen from her by Hope and Hope is dating him and Rex. Rex likes me and I'm dating NO ONE!
 It ends there and moves to the drama. So many fights over guys and Marley's tried to kill Hope for Alec. Jennifer hates Anna and almost broke her hand fighting over nothing. Hayley and I have fought over shoes and clothes and stupid boys! When ever someone makes fun of Justin Battlefield for getting a really low grade, Hope gets into a serious fist fight.
 So there you have it my AWESOME school! Ugh I'm so dead if  don't stop writing in my journal and start taking my AWESOME test! Well, at least it's only got 5 questions to finish and 1 is not multiply choice.

I know about popular!
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