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Semi love story Selena and Demi love story-moved

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Love me or lose me Chapter:2 Demi's POV:I wake up slightly sweating. It scared me almost losing her,with out her even being mine. I had been having these....feelings, Lately I didn't think my feelings were more then a mere crush. And that they'd go away. But....they haven't. I'd just figured that they were there because i'd known her for a long time,I didn't think that I was gonna fall in love. I sighed,knowing I wasn't gonna win the battle. I turn around slighly looking at my clock. 4:30. I sighed once again.I guess I should get ready. I put on a pink and black dress with black heels and a black leather jacket after my shower. By the time I get out of my shower it's 6:00. I Decided call Selena......End Of Pov. DemiFrownPicks up phone calls Selena) Pick up Selena pick up. SelenaFrownPicks up the phone while doing her hair) Hey Dem Dem! You mind if I come over? DemiFrownNervous) Y-yeah.come on over. SelenaFrownSmiles Nervously.)Yay! I'll be over in like 4? Demi: Yeah! See ya when you get here. Selena's POV:What am I Putting on?! I have to look cute. Not for Demi for me. I put on a shirt that says “I love you.”. With some pants that say “Eat your Heart out!” I hope she gets the message.(Says dreamly) You guys are most likely confused. She helped me get over the break up with my ##### of a girlfriend. After that I started liking Demi. ((A/N ** means flashback)) ** Selena's POV: I look out my window and see my girlfriend. And I put on my pink and black shirt and skirt. I run down the stairs. Hopping in the car And kissing Miley. We drive to school dancing around to 1 direction. As we drive to school I see that Demi was there. I get out the car and hug her. I watch as her face change from a frown to a big grin. End of POV DemiFrownholds Selena) Sel! Where were you? SelenaFrownKeeping Demi from getting out of her grasp) Well.I over slept. AGAIN! DemiFrownStops hugging Selena for a second) Again? When was the first time? SelenaFrownBacks away slowly Then runs)a Few days ago! DemiFrownLaughs and runs to catch Selena) Hey! Get back here! (Smiles then runs in full on speed,and catches Selena) Selena: hey! No fair! Your in track!(Smiles And looks into Demi's eyes,almost kissing her) ########### whats about to happen,Awkwardly grabs Selena and kisses her)so uh...you guys ready for school? Selena's POVBig Grinang it Miley! If it weren't for you I could have kissed Demi! W-wait....What am I saying? I love Miley.....Right? Look i'm just gonna try to get the entire day over and done with. But I do wanna hang out with my friends so I might have a sleepover. End Of POV SelenaFrownThinks about having a sleepover)Hey guys? Do you mind if we have a sleepover? Like have Candace, Alice,Jenn,Ali.Over? The theme is school girl pj's k? Demi:Yeah! Miley:yes! Oh and can we bring Emily? SelenaFrownthinks for a minute.)yeah....So it's settled? Miley And Demi:yeah! SelenaFrownSmiles)Great! 4:00 my place? Miley And Demi in unison:Yeah... Again! (They both laugh) ((A/N I'm skipping ahead to about 4:00. And how do you guys like my new writing style?)) Selena's POV:I put on my school girl pj's.And start making snacks,Chips cola,The whole shebang. Just as i finsh making the dip I hear the door rang the sceret knock. I smile lightly as I open the door. End Of POV Selena:Hola chickas! Demi Alice Jenn Candace Miley Emily:Hola Chicka! SelenaFrownFrowns as she notices Emily holding Miley's hand) So....it's only (Looks over at the clock) 4:30. What do you guys wanna do? DemiFrownSmiles) How bout a movie? (Everyone agrees and they watch the notebook.) SelenaFrownMocking the girls)Oh oh my gosh! The movie was so sad! (Laughs) DemiFrownPlayfully hits ####### #### ##! The movie was sad! MileyFrownLooking at Emily)Yeah! It was SO sad! Emily could you come with me for a second? EmilyFrownConfused at first then knows what shes doing)Uh....Sure. MileyFrownWalks into the kitchen with Emily) EmilyFrownKisses Miley without Thinking) MileyFrownMakes the kiss deeper) SelenaFrownNotices Miley Making out With Emily hurt runs upstairs) Selena's POV: I thought she cared about me! She couldn't even wait until she left! I Hate her! I know I deserve better then her. End Of POV SelenaFrowncrying) DemiFrownLooks at Miley with hate clear in her eyes)How could you do that to her?! You ####! I hope she breaks up with you! She Deserves better then you! (Switches to Emily)And you! You know that she's with Selena but you still did that? EmilyFrownIn shock) DemiFrownslaps Miley)You freaking ####! She has been faithful to you ever since you two even started dating! (Slaps Emily) You were our best friend! And joe's girlfriend! ((A/N Remember in the first chapter I said that Joe nick or kev would be in the story at sometime? Well here they are! Their all gonna be in here. xD)) MileyFrownCrying thinking about if it was worth it)I-i'm so sorry....I wasn't thinking.I kissed her on impulse. Selena i'm sorr- EmilyFrownslaps Miley)Now two girls hate you! Guys i'm sorry I ruined the sleepover I understand if you don't wanna ever see me again.(Leaves) DemiFrownGrabs Emily And hugs her)Your not the cheater.(Points to Miley) She is. And even if you did kiss her,This lets Selena and me know she can't resist temption.And i'm sorry I slapped you. EmilyFrownSmiles grasping her ########## ok. You just saw your best friends kiss. End Of Chapter. Did you guys like it? Should I do another? And also I need some colleb people! So yeah peace love Party! smile Candy And Next one up in a few hours! Until then go read DemiSelenaJasmines2's stories. And all that ish up there! Love you guys! I might make you guys wait to be evil! smile bye!

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