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Silver Night
                “Wake up Hiochi!” “What.” I said. The Mysterious girl stared at me with her cold eyes. I touched her face. “Don’t touch me!” She said. She slapped me so hard I started to bleed. “Sorry!” I said. “Wake up please Hiochi, please wake up.” She said.  And before I knew the sight of fangs blurred my vision. “Ahhh!” I screamed. I looked at my clock. I’m going to be late. I thought. I headed for the closet door were my uniform lay out. I put it on and rushed downstairs. “Hey Hiochi” Zukin said. “Hey” I said. The walk to school long, I couldn’t talk to Zukin I felt too scared to say anything. The dream of the girl what was wrong with her better yet what was she. The words she said seemed to echo in my head. “Hiochi” Zukin said “What” I said. “Where at school.” Zukin said. “Oh sorry I was daydreaming.” I said. “Let’s go.”          
            He said. I walked to my locker. “Hiochi,” Tayaki said, “There’s a new student coming to class today. “And why do I care.” I said. “Hiochi your usually so nice.” she said. “It’s just today I feel different.” I said. The first bell rang. “Hey I got to get to class.” I said. “Bye” Tayaki said. I walked to my classroom which is usually empty on the first bell. I feel tired I thought. The second bell rung everyone was in class.
            “Class   this is Yuki-sama.” The new student she looks like the girl in my dream. Yuki you will sit by Hiochi. Her long red hair seemed to cover up one eye as she just wanted to hide it. “Hello” I said. She did not respond instead she wrote something down. “Hello” She said.  “My name is Hiochi, what’s yours.” I said. “Do you listen much Hiochi?” She said. “Oh yeah your name is Yuki right” I said. I hadn’t realized the whole time we were talking she didn’t look at me.” Yes it is” she said. But this time she looked at me, the glare she had in my dream was colder than before, maybe because she was actually here. “Hiochi” Someone whispered “What” I said. “Can you give this to the new girl?” Henry said. Henry handed me a beautiful blood red rose. “Hey Yuki this is for you.” I gave her my best smile; she grabbed the rose and crumbled it up in her hand. “I hate roses, the thorns make you bleed.” She said “But he cut the thorns off.” I said. “But the blood from the thorns still lingers from the rose.” She stared at me with both eyes event thou her bangs covered it. “Tell Henry thank you but no thank you. Yuki said. I felt too scared to talk to her. “Henry,” I said “thank you”
A few hours passed and it was time for lunch she sat all alone. I wanted to talk to her but I knew she would just push me back. But that did not stop me. “Hello Hiochi.” Yuki said. “How did you know I was here?” “I felt you, now what do you want.” “I just wanted to keep you company.” I said. “Hiochi I don’t need company go sit with your friends.” Yuki said. She still kept her eyes down as if trying to avoid me. I looked away for a second and she disappeared. I feel so tired I closed my eyes for only a second and everyone was gone. I walked out of the cafeteria and the hallways were empty.” “Hello is anyone here” I said. “Hiochi” my named echoed thru the school.” Who’s there” I yelled “It’s me Hiochi, Yuki.” “Yuki where are you.” I said. “I’m right here Hiochi. She said. I looked behind me and there she was. Holding a rose a rose that was now wilting. She gave it to me; I looked down at the rose. “Ouch” I yelled. The rose fell on floor along with my blood my hand had a deep cut from the rose. I picked it up and the rose was no longer wilting.” It’s called the vampire rose” Yuki said “The thorns are it’s fangs it needs blood to stay alive. “Yuki are you okay” Her hands were trembling but she disappeared, Hiochi, Hiochi, Hiochi. The school started to shake and all I did was stand. “Wake up Hiochi,” Tayaki said  “time to go to class.”

Dont eat me Elmo

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So. Freakishly. Good. CONTINUE!!! 

~ "Oops, it seems I've said too much! Well it's alright, its just a tall tale anyway. Call me again and at the signal, I'll tell you an even stranger tale..." ~

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