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Nonhostile. (Just a random story...)

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Posted almost 5 years ago
This is actually based off of Minecraft. If you don't know what it is, it's a sandbox Indie game where you fight monsters and gather materials and go to different worlds through portals. There are all different biomes and stuff to build houses with and...just look it up.


I had been in the world of Minecraftia for a few months when things started to get weird. The days here were shorter than they were in the real world. Well, either that or they just seemed short because of how occuppied I always was. Anyways, I had seen so many monsters around and simply avoided them. My first night, though, I wasn't so lucky. A shot from a skeletal figure sent me running to find a cave to hide in, but as soon as I saw a green skinned creature that resembled a human, I just dug a gap in the ground and put myself in it. As soon as day hit, I went running. I found a village and spent my second day there. By my third day, I was searching village houses for information about the land I had stumbled into. On day four, I set out on my own. This is the story of my travels.

I did what others had done before; I collected materials to build a house. It was basic, five by five, and would be okay to use while I got adjusted. As I found more materials through mining - where I actually started to fight back against the creatures - my house got bigger and better looking. I was progressing quickly.

By the first month, I had a stash of diamonds, gold, iron, and other rich materials hidden underground in my mining base. I always kept a diamond sword with me, and never got hurt from fighting. I had already visited the End and the Nether, and needed something new to do. Maybe, I thought one day, I should try to find someone else. But I never did.

Instead, I decided to find out why I was there, in Minecraftia. A villager traded with me when I found the village I visited on my second day, and gave me a shelf of books for three emeralds. Kind of crazy, right? Well, no. I thought so at first, but I decided it was worth it when I saw that every single book on the shelf was about the world of Minecraftia. There was information about the people, the mobs, the biomes...
And a man named Notch, who controlled it all.
And along with that, his brother Herobrine, who seeked to destroy it.


This is based off of the legend of Herobrine, Notch's brother. That's why they were both mentioned.
Chapter two coming very soon.

Hello me, meet the real me.

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