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A broken heart

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Ms Knight_2349890 Lock
Ms Knight_2349890
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December, 2012
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Many parts of my broken heart,
When the day fell in apart.
My whole world came crashing down
But it fell with a sound.

All the love you stole,
Left me standing.
From the day my world fell apart.
I'm standing here with a broken heart.

A second that pass feels like an hour
All my emotions have turn sour.
Feel all bollow and left alone,
My heart has turned to soild stone.

A broken heart was a death to me
it now so simple to see.
isn't better to atleast fall,
than to never of loved at all?


A broken heart

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Pplperson Lock
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December, 2012
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very nice

Don't follow your dreams; Chase them

A broken heart

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Blind Faith
Blind Faith
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October, 2012
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