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B L A S T the S T E R E O [[ Canine novel ]]

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Blast The Stereo

Into the city of New York lies an under ground tunnel, once used for a subway train. But, something bad happened and cut off the trail, the tracks and open area is now used for the greatest dog fight place in history of dog fighting. Five young canines named; Nikki, Joker, Zerstoren, Rico, and Sludge. All part of the bully family now try to escape the jaws of death as they try to fight to survive and escape the nasty H3LL hole. But, let's go back a few years and see how they all met and dragged themselves into the mess...

" Yo-yo-yo, it's Nikki in the house!" Rico yelled out with his young voice.
" It's not a house you flea bag, it's a dog house..." Nikki firmly said with her snappy canine language, her light tan fur twitched as she sat down next to Rico.
" Pfft, whatcha you talkin' bout' this is most likely called a house either way, so just shut your trap! Hahaaha" Joker laughed and giggled replying to their yapping.
Sludge was completely silent as he layed himself in the back of the dog house, tired and restless.
" We should do something fun! " Joker laughed out.
Nikki began to raise her haunches from the ground growling and rolling her tongue into clear words. "Indeed we should... More like wrestle?" A sinister smile appeared upon her snout.
"Pfft, we all know it'll turn into a nasty fight, that's all you want, Nikki. Wrestling and fighting is all you ever think or talk about..." Sludge murred as his jowls rattled, speaking.
" Yeah, Nikki. Sludge is right, why not just blast the stereo and have a good time  like those other canines across the fence." Rico sneared before looking at joker, was she gonna say something to, or deny it all and wrestle Nikki.
Joker tried to pull back her cropped ears against her cranium, she was stuck not know what side to choose. Then, she spoke out, "Everyone here is right, Nikki. It's either have fun with your best friends or get stuck up and join a stupid dog fighting team.."
Nikki then snapped her jaws into locking position " You're so freakin' lucky you are my friend, if you wern't your head be chopped of in a blink of an eye. Overall y'all do have a point" Her short coat bristled among the back of her neck. She had rage in her eyes, she narrowed them down at Joker before stomping out of the dog house.
Getting outside, Nikki inhaled the oxygen, in-taking all of the scents around her before exhaling deeply, she had aggression issues. Although she wasn't fond of her actions, she got the the opening of a fence, she dug a bit. Nikki lowered her torso to the ground, stomach against the Earth's crust, she army crawled through the opening slipping out, she found herself out side of the fence away from her friends.
Her vision was a bit blury as she got dust in her eyes, she saw a large white figure a few yards away. Who was it? What is it? She asked herself repeatedly in her mind before getting clear vision back. She was shocked, it was a scared covered pitbull coming her way. Her hackles rised as she merged her paws deeper into the soil beneath her mass, heart pounding, what would happen?
The white and scared covered canine got closer, Nikki stayed put.
"Well, hello young one.." The canines voice was raspy yet sharp. Nikki could easily tell the Whit Pit was female. She heard her friends calling her back... Should she reply? Or flee the large muscler female from the sudden greetings.


Pfft stay tuned for more. I'll keep adding onto this.

" My heart doesn't have a beat, it has a wobble . . . "

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