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             Chapter One:

It was a sunny afternoon in spring, and the flowers were just beginning to bloom.
And a mist the flowers, lay a young girl. Her long brown hair covered part of her shoulders, and her pretty pink lips still tasted of honey. Her bright hazel eyes reflected the sun's rays, to create a shine in her caring eyes. She swiftly stood up and swung a small brown satchel over her shoulder, as she walked toward the massive city that was bursting with life. The young girl had set out for Tokyo to start a new life. The first thing she did was check in at a small hotel, that was decorated with delicate cherry blossoms.

“Here’s your key miss. But aren't you a little young to be here by yourself?” The lady at the front desk asked politely.
“Yes. But my brother should be here soon. He’s just off at the market.” She assured.
“What’s your first name miss?”
“Nini” She stated while taking the room key.
Nini hurried up to her room, and sat down on the small bed the hotel provided.
“What a day.” She said drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Nini woke up feeling very refreshed. She changed into some new clothes and took her satchel. She happily sped off to the market. Nini loved this market the most. So much fresh and tasty food! There was plenty of fish, and meat! And also lot’s of veggies and fruits! Not only that, but there was lot’s of jewelers, and basket makers, and all sorts of pretty things!
And she smelled the most delicious things you could imagine! And she passed by an onigiri stand on the way..

“How much is two balls of onigiri sir?” Nini asked.
“100 yen for today only.” The salesman answered.
Nini took a quick look in her satchel. “Man... Only 3000 yen left over!” she thought.
“Alright. Two ongiri balls please.” she bubbled.
“Here you go miss.” He said handing her the rice balls.
“I can afford to lose 100 yen for now.” She thought to herself happily.

Nini wrapped the ongiri in a napkin and shoved them in her satchel for later.
She decided after a bit more looking around, she would go to the park and have a small lunch.
She started to make her way towards a toy store, and she accidently bumped into someone.

“Hey watch it you stupid pekopo- i mean... Sorry for bumping into you kid...” The strange man said nervously.
“Oh it’s fine. Oh dear! my ongiri!” Nini sighed and leaned down to pick it up.
“Here, let me get it for you.” He offered.
“Thank you.” Nini bowed.
The man handed Nini her ongiri.
“Stay safe kid!” He exclaimed.

Nini smiled sweetly. “What a nice man.” she thought. And then she took off for the park.
The park was lovely. cherry blossoms in the wind, children playing in the sandbox, couples having picnics. But there was one thing that caught her interest the most. A young boy with dark blue hair with matching eyes. He was standing still watching a red head girl who looked about a year older, playing frisbee with three other girls. One had blonde hair and brown eyes, the other; like the boy, had dark blue hair, and her hair was in a thin ponytail. The last had light blue, short hair. Nini thought it looked like fun, so she decided to approach them, and ask if she could join their game.

“Hello! Hope i’m not intruding, but do you mind if i join in?” Nini asked rather shyly.
“No, not at all!” said the red one.
“What’s your name?” asked the one with the ponytail.
“I’m Nini. And what’s your names?”
“I’m Momaka.” said the girl with short hair.
“I’m Koyuki.” answered the one with the ponytail.
“And i’m Natsumi!” The red one smiled.
“Hey... i’ve never seen you around here before. Are you new in town?” Koyuki commented.
“Oh, yeah. I just got here yesterday from Tokushima.”
“Well that’s cool! Do you have a place to stay? If not you could stay over at my house for a bit.”
Natsumi offered.
“Really?! Well that’s very sweet of you.” Nini smiled.
“Sure. We can all go over to my house, after the game!”
Natsumi yelled throwing the frisbee at Koyuki.

The girls played a long and fun game of frisbee, and then took the boy with them to get some ice cream. The young boy’s name was Fuyuki, and he was the younger brother of Natsumi.
After they had gotten ice cream, they all parted ways, and Nini went over to Natsumi and Fuyuki’s house. Nini had begun to take off her shoes when she remembered something.

“I’ll be back in maybe an half an hour. I forgot something and I need to go get it.” Nini explained.
“Okay. See you then.”

Then Nini ran off too check out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Natsumi and Fuyuki opened a small hatch that led down into the basement, and climbed down a short metal ladder.

“Hey frog ####! Get over here!” Natsumi yelled.
“What is it you want?” Standing, not too far above the average person's knee, was a little green creature, that looked like a frog that could walk on two legs.
“We have someone who will be staying here for a while, so don’t let her see you.” Natsumi growled rather rudely.
“Alright. we’ll stay down here until she leaves.” The creature sighed.
“What’s going on?” Another one of the creatures appeared, except he was red, not green.
“Sarge will explain later. Bye!” Fuyuki and Natsumi climbed back up the ladder, and headed into the living room.

Nini arrived back a bit later, and was given a small bed in Natsumi’s room. Nini thanked her hosts and set her satchel to the side. Natsumi began to prepare dinner, and their mom came home.

“Oh hi! So you’re Nini?!”
“Yes, I am. mrs.....”
“Thank you mrs Hinata.” Nini smiled.
“Well, tell me, so you come from Tokushima, correct?” Mrs. Hinata asked
“Yes ma’am.”
“Then why did you come to Tokyo?”
“Oh... Well, I wanted to finish school here, and take my chances at becoming a manga writer.”
“Oh really? Well good luck kid! this will be great for story ideas!” She smirked rather evilly.

Nini sat down at the dinner table, and everyone began to eat. Natsumi had cooked a rather delicious meal, and afterward she gave Nini a quick tour of the house. Everyone had a wonderful time, and they all went to sleep fairly fast. The next morning, when she awoke, she got out a school uniform and put it on with haste. Before she came to Tokyo, her parents had enrolled her into a school. The strange thing was, it was the same school that Natsumi and Fuyuki took.

“Come on guys! We’re gonna be late for school!” Natsumi yelled from the kitchen.
“I’m coming!”  Nini replied running down the stairs.
“Get down here ######!####### Natsumi continued, “Or i’ll come up there, and bash your head in!”
“I’m coming, i’m coming!” He sighed rushing down.

Everyone headed out the door, and Nini followed the two too her new school.
The school was kinda small, but she was happy about it nonetheless.
Nini hurried off to first class and took a seat. She listened carefully and made sure to take notes. Later when she got back home, Natsumi and Fuyuki went off to the market for more food. Nini was left alone in the house-or so she thought.

((feed back is very loved. Next chapter will be up sooner or later! If you wanna be in the third or fourth chapter, you have to be the 20th person to comment)) 

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