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Heil Ray (the crappy song that promotes my vanity and self-pride)

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September, 2011
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"Heil Ray!!!"

Genre: pop, club, rock - anything.

Verse 1:
Why are you thinking on bad thoughts?
Why do you curse yourself?
I wanna show you something nice!
You'll get satisfied!

Stop writing bad songs about yourself!
Stop forcing people to hate you!
Ray, you are nice! You're awesome,
Although you are not Japanese!

Heil Ray! Heil Ray!
Get you rocking on!
Vivat! Crescat! Floreat!

Heil Ray! Heil Ray!
Itsumo agatte nasai!
Bog budet vsegda s toboi!

Verse 2:
May your plans always come true!
May you be famous man!
May our children love you so much!
May you always win!



The hate can't die by hate, but only with love (Buddha)

Heil Ray (the crappy song that promotes my vanity and self-pride)

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-Braginski Hatsune Onii-Chan
-Braginski Hatsune Onii-Chan
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May, 2012
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This reminds me of Danzai Yamaxanadu. It would make a good dubstep or techno song though. XD

Heil Ray (the crappy song that promotes my vanity and self-pride)

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January, 2013
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Hey seems cool.

There is never a dull moment in the mind of the psychotically creative.

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