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Posted over 5 years ago
Chapter 1. 

I opened my eyes slowly, only to see that was in a pitch black room or at least that's how it appeared to me. I didn't really have a chance to think or to try remember how I got here when I heard a voice say "Anna ###### your wake finally. I thought you were dead". I sighed at the guys scarism , now I knew who they guys in the room were. And they were gang leader Derek Lee, and Charlie Andrews the next best thing to the gang leader. After a while of silence I spoke "what do you want from me?", I asked them. Charlie moved and turned the lights on, "sit up now, a and look up at me",he said and demanded at the same time. "What the he-, I began to ask a question when charlie cut me off "Your mother", he said as if he knew what I was going to got ask. I sighed hearing that, "Now quiet, don't you let me hear breath, until I'm done speaking"Derek said. I looked at him his face was intense with his intense green eyes, I had always heard that if you looked into his eyes you would drop dead. Derek began giving this lecture about my mom and how is/was a #addict. I allowed my eyes to look around the room,probably would have continued ignoring Derek's lecture except for the fact that charlie moved towards me, and then stood beside me and waited on Derek to pause before he spoke to me,and then he said this "If you can't sit still
and look at Derek when he's talking then I'll snatch your butt up and sit you on the stool in the middle of the room and tie you to it,is that understood?",he warned me. "Yes sir", I said. I turns toward Derek and listened as he told me I had to work my moms debt off, and I made a mistake of saying "this isn't the 1940's just because I'm a women doesn't mean that i m your slave". And then I remenber hearing yelling and feelings hit me and then everything went black again...

One Direction.
Im not a fan im a DIRECTIONER!

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