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The bell rang as almost all the students ran out of the classroom as if it was already the weekend, But, Little Skrillex had another thing on her mind, She wanted to know how well her grades are doing.

She stood there, She was shivering nervously as her Professor shot a glance at her "Skrillex, I was suspecting you to run out the door like the rest, Why have you not?" he asked and walked over to her.

She struggled to speak. The guy shes had a crush on almost all life was with her... Alone.

No bad thoughts though, What mattered to her was this moment. right now.

"I..I....I wanted to ask you a question...." she stuttered.

"Go on, I am all ears" he said softly and sat down beside her.

This made her flush "Are you dating Marie?" she asked.

She noticed the silence in between them, Stein raised an eyebrow "No, we are just merely weapon partners, Why did you ask" he said.

Stupid Skrillex felt relieved, So she smiled "Just curious" she said.

Stein grinned "You ask such odd questions, You know that?" he said.

She let out a soft giggle, He smiled and waved goodbye, He stopped at the door and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear "Keep It In The closet" he purred and walked out.


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I would really like to see more of this! Big Grin

I'm not perfect. I know this. Don't remind me every day.

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Well. You're one lucky person, Because here it is!

Chapter 2




Skrillex was the first one to arrive in class, And Stein was again, At his desk.

It wasn't long before he noticed the brunette haired female that was sitting down on a seat not so far away from him. He flashed a quick smile, The awkward silence began before Skrillex finally broke the tention "So... Hows the finals going with the year elevens Prof?" she asked.

Stein immediately adjusted himself and smiled "It's doing well, hows school?" he asked. She smiled back "It's fine so far... I just wanted you to know I really enjoy your subject, I really find it interesting" she said.

Stein somehow felt flattered by that comment, Not a lot of the students really speak to him about the subject, And he sure was at the edge of curiosty of this girl, He just wanted to understand her more... In a good sense.

"Uhm... Thank you, I am glad you enjoy it" he said. He tried to resist the urge to pull her close to his chest, But.... He couldn't he was her teacher, not her lover.

She smiled "No problem" she said. Stein seemed to fidget slightly, leaning his shoulder side to side, He just smiled weakly "You okay Prof?" she asked,

He nodded "Just...the madness.." he said breathily. She nodded slowly "Now to your seat please" he said, She did as she was told.

Stein couldn't help but wonder what subject she'd make... He can just imagine at the difference between her father. She knew she wasn't Spirits, In some way he knew that Spirit's wife had cheated on him. For pay back.

It was all obvious, Skrillex had blue eyes, not brown. She had brown hair, not red, she wore different clothing compared to her sister.

Stein felt some sort of affection towards her... But, He doesn't know why.....

He just hoped his sanity would last the term...


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Default girl
Best...guy and chapter....EVER! Please post again I'm slowly going crazy for this story and it's only two chapters deep! 

I'm not perfect. I know this. Don't remind me every day.

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Nice to know your enjoying it!

Chapter 3

As she walked down the corridor she swore she could hear someone sneaking up behind her, She whipped her head around to see Stein standing there with a note in his hand

"Uhm.. Hey Professor, What is it now?" she asked. He just said nothing and gave her the note.

She looked at it carefully, It read:

Dear Skrillex.



I am being honest here, I am slowly falling in love with you... I just think your different then other girls, Your hair.. is goregous.

I want you to know that you are not a loser, a loner, or a emo!

So please.

Let me love you.

- Love Stein

Skrillex couldn't beileve her eyes, Of course, She knew Stein to well to know he is honest, She flushed a bright red as she walked down the corridor, Her friends looking at her, A bit confused.

On the way to the canteen she passed Stein again.

"Hey. Uhmm... About that note.." she said.

"Yeah? What about it?" he asked.

"I kinda have feelings for you to..." she stuttered.

Stein smiled sadisticly "That's good. Wanna hang out?" he asked.

She smiled "Sure" she said, He gripped her hand and took her to the canteen and bought her some cake "Here you go" he said.

Skrillex smiled and ate the cake as Stein ate his dinner.


Later that day she was walking home, She was a bit wary about her surroundings, Because she knows from past experiences the streets are not the safest place to be at night...


She turned around and her eyes widened


she jumped.


She screamed and ran, The wolf was only a few metres away from her sleeve, But before the canines teeth clenched the cotton, She heard a loud metal sound, She saw a scalpel fly over to the wolf hitting it in the neck.

She turned around to see Stein.

She ran up to him and hugged him tightly

"I love you Stein" she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her on the lips "I love you to" he said.


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Awesome ending of the chapter. I think you should try and post it other places 'cause it's reallll good. Big Grin

I'm not perfect. I know this. Don't remind me every day.

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Really? Thanks!

 Chapter 4. The New Teacher.
The next day was normal, But Stein would usually pop in and out of lessons just to see me. I had told him that We needed to keep it a secret, Being other girls kinda liked him aswell, He agreed with me on that one. He even said he get's a bit annoyed with the adolescent ones,  Me being not one of them.
We've also agreed on going to Spain or something for the Half Term, Get to know eachother more. Enough about us though.
I entered my first class, Which was I.T, We were supposed to have Mr.Albarn, But instead we had a different teacher, Who introduced himself as Mister Foley.
My friend guessed he taught at this school before, and told me that a friend said he was rumored to be a weird and pervy teacher, I thought that was redonkilus, Not to mention inmature.
I sighed as he talked about the rules, and so on.
It was break and I was waiting for Stein, He eventually came around from the corner and told me to come with him.
Little did I know that he had a suprise for me.
I walked in the room and saw a little box, I opened it, And in there was a little Wolf puppy! 
I cried happy tears as I hugged Stein "I love you so much! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I said with a smile on my face, I picked up the albino pup and looked into it's sea blue eyes
"I am going to name him Wolfane" I said smiling.
Stein hugged me closely "Litte Wolfane, Such a cute name" he said.
Just complete this form:
Has a crush on/Brother of Stein:
Element: (Stein's element is Pain and Stitches, Skrillex's element is Dubstep, I'll explain more in later chapters)
(It can be any type of creature, as long as it's got realistic features if it is a wolf)


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Sorry for the long wait QAQ
Chapter 5.
The pup jumped out the box and stared intensely at Stein, The tall scientist stared back at it playfully. Skrillex giggled and stroked the pups fur "Thank you Professor" she squealed and kissed his cheek, Stein chuckled softly and walked to his desk "It's my pleasure" he replied bluntly, Obviously focused on the work he was marking while she played with Wolfane.
"You and your meister do not seem to be getting along well" he suddenly said, Skrillex frowned "Yeah... A kind of abusive relationship" she muttered under her breath, Stein turned to face her "He abuses you?" he asked softly and skidded beside her on his swivel chair, A pen in his upper coat pocket by his chest was notable.
"Your soul is growing weak because of this" he explained "I think you deserve a better meister then that thing" he murmured, Grabbing her closely, Protecting her "I'll protect you from him or any other danger" he whispered "I promise" he muttered and kissed her on the lips softly "I knew you'd be there for me" she muttered back and kissed him on the lips.
The day passed quickly, And she had to face her meister again... What horror is in store for her today, Nobody knows.
But when she entered Blackon wasn't there, She had a good search, No one was home, She dropped her bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of milk, The milk was cold and fresh.  She wiped her lips and walked upstairs "Black!" she yelled, She suspected that he was out with Justin Law and Spirit again... Ugh she hated all three of them put together, But she has to respect them because they're Stein's fellow meisters.
But if only Stein knew what they all did... They tormented her, Accused her of betrayal... They beat her....
This isn't a life a weapon should be living.


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(Can I PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEE be a character?! I've been reading and waiting for you to ocme back online.)

You never really can fix a heart.
~Demi lovato
Love is louder then the pressure to be perfect.
~Demi Lovato
"Putting my defenses up, cause I don't wanna fall in love; if I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attack."
Oh Demi, how you've made my life worth living.

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