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Here are some of my better poems, hope you enjoy!

Your Kiss
I wondered when I'd meet you. 

I wondered what you'd say
I hoped that if I opened up 
You wouldn't walk away 

To my surprise you didn't turn 
Like everyone else had done 
You told me I was strong and brave 
A part of my heart you then won 

Days would go by 
And the night would come near 
And those would be the times 
In which I would start to fear 

But having you close 
Right by my side 
Made me feel wanted 
Made me feel alive 

I love you, I love you 
I can't fathom it enough 
You stayed with me 
Even when the road got tough 

All I crave now 
Is the touch of your lips 
Pressed upon mine 
In a sweet, sensational kiss


Overwhelming sadness buried deep inside
It took away my pride
I'm standing here already broken
My thoughts, they are words that haven't been spoken
I am lost
I will accept happiness at any cost
Tired of putting on these smiles I'm fa king
I'm too young to be breaking
Trying to keep my head held high
Lately becoming much more shy
I bottle it up just to seem strong
While deep inside I've been weak all along
I can't keep holding onto hope for tomorrow 
It just bring me more sorrow
If anyone knew they'd promise it'd be okay
That's only because they aren't the ones suffering everyday
No one cares though, so why let my feelings show
It'd be easier to just let go
"One smile can hide a million tears" 
That's something I've learned throughout my years 
I try to keep going
But everythings stopped flowing
Overwhelming sadness buried deep inside

Aaaand that's all! Any constructive crit?

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Here's one it's short but its kinda nice to give to you're special someone

baby you should know Big Grin

roses are red
violets are blue
baby you should know
i can't live without you
you are my world
my own prince charming
i will love you forever
you're darling <3
 by ~fizzy


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Nice! (:

Posted about 5 years ago

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"ThatChickk(:" wrote:

Nice! (:

I love your poem and I hope you does post more smile 

hugebear from gracie and mia
classicalmusicisepicdonethis for me siggy :love thank you

from classicalmusicisepic for mesiggy

hugebearkeep calm and hug ted

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Default girl
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what was the last thing you said to your parent(s) today? 
      I said: Bye Daddy: b4 school

Audrey, 12yrs old

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