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scary stories

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January 2012

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Posted almost 3 years ago

"imagination44" wrote:

I was lying in my cozy bed, listening to the roar of thunder and rain. It was dark, except for the frequent flashes of lighting. I don't know why I was still awake, I just was. Then I had to pee. Really, really bad. I pushed the blankets aside and went to "take care" of it. I scrubbed my hands, wiping them on my pajama pants. I retreated to my bedroom, in hopes of more shut eye. I reached the door and turned the knob. I pushed in, but it wouldn't open. My door can stick, so I pushed harder. It was locked up tight. Funny, I don't remember locking it. Oh well. I turned on my heels, planning on asking Dad to unlock it for me. Both hallways were blocked off. Now, is this just my eyes playing tricks. My heart jumped into my throat as a bony hand tapped my sholder, cold as ice. I turned around, only to be greeted with an arrow in the face. Then all was white as snow. 

So...your dead? 

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About a year ago when I was asleep, I felt as if someone was watching me.  Me being a light sleeper woke up because of this.  The moment I opened my eyes my door slammed shut. (I only live with my mom, and when she walks around the house you can hear her foot steps because we have a squeaky wood floor) After the door slammed I listened but there was nothing to be heard, and every window that could have caused a draft was closed.  I even looked outside and from what I could see there was not a strong enough wind to close my door as hard as it had been slammed.


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