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Being a fan is not enough

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Posted about 5 years ago

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This is a pewdie, dan and phil fanfiction. Doing my best ok!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago...

I ran dodging darts,bullets and laser everything they could find to through at me. I than ran to the corner... dead end. A man pulled down his hood, his blonde hair falling into his eyes.. a face i recognised.

"Hej Agent I", he said, it was Felix.

"Stop speaking swedish and let's get on with this," i said ready to fight.

He through a punch i ducked and kicked him round the head, he fell to the floor and in a quick motion i punched his face. I got up dusted off my gloves and stared at the lifeless body for a moment then walked away, exited to tell Agent T.

I arrived quickly, sitting down in my glass office. I heared a soft knock i opened it and saw Agent C with a pair of boys.

"Helllo, Agent  I, we have new Agents and was wondering if you could train them Tommrow!"

"OK", i said unsure about these new comer agents. 

Agent C left the room i stared out the room until she was gone. Then walked out of the room. I looked back to see the two boys still standing there.

"Come then let's start training," I shouted.

"No", the brown haired man stepped forward. "If she said we're training tommrow, we're training tommrow"

I ran as fast as the speed of light (Offiocly not possible but its just a simile)
I lifted the brown haired boy of the floor clutching him by the collar.

"What your name,son?", i asked

"D-Dan", he trembled.

"Well Dan here you do what i say your doing so stop being stupid and let's start training"

I turned to look at the dark haired one.

"Have you got anything to say?"

He shoke his head. I just wanted to hug him he looked so frightened.

"So what's your name? I asked the boy yet not named.

"Phil", he said.

We split up after 5 years and we never saw each other again.

5 years later...

I woke up early as ever. I decided after about 3 hours to got to Starbucks  I slipped on a hoodie and stepped into nature. Walking down the street the cold breeze touched my face and made me shiver. I ran until i got to Starbucks i sat down in the last empty seat. Soon, two boy walked up to me.

"If you think you're going to flirt with me, keep on walking,boys," I said.

"No, can we take this seat, please?" He asked

"Yer", i answered.

"What's your name?" he asked

"Isobel" I answered

"My name's Dan... Dan howell and this is Phil Lester"

After they had finished their drinks, they handed me a ticket to vid ###.

"You seem like the kind of girl that know who we are. Come here if you want?"

I stared at the tickets as they left.

2 months later

Vid today!!! I put a pewdiepie brofist t-shirt on and made my way to the taxi. The view was average a bunch of trees and grass soon we were there. After about 2 hours of being there. I saw PewDiepie getting pushed up to the wall by a teenage girl. I kicked her to the floor and turned to pewdiepie.

"I'll be there for you," I said.

I love one direction
My favourite is Niall Horan.
Thank you for reading

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