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Not finished but pls read!!!

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It was that dark, rainy monday morning and all I could think about was the school I would be attending a few hours. I was nevous and unprepared for what was to come. Layed out neatly in front of me was my hideous new school uniform, a long skirt and a scratchy blouse, checkered blazer and stupid bowler hat. Even before I put it on I could tell how terrible I'd look. After I tried it on it looked even more ridiculous than I thought.
"Oh, you look a picture dear!", said a voice from behind me. Before I knew it my mother was cuddling me and complementing me, obviously lying through her teeth. Soon enough, we were out the door and on the way to my new boarding school, Little Morton for girls.
The train journey was long and tedious. I think I must've fallen asleep because I remember my mother gently nudging me. "Come on love, we're here."
Already? I was terrified of what was to come next. After a 5 minute walk, I saw a dark, gloomy building looming up ahead. This was my new school.
"Don't look so petrified, dear. I've read some marvellous things about this school. It's over 100 years old, you know." This didn't help in the slightest.
" Why couldn't I go to Eppingford?", I ######. My mother looked surprised at my voice.
"Oh! What's up with your voice lovey? Oh look, you're shaking. Are you ok, dear? You're not worried, are you pet?" Like she just noticed!
"No, I-I'm fine", I said shakily. My mother clearly didn't believe me.
"I'm sorry love, you can't go to Eppingford."
My mother sighed wearily. "You know why, dear."
At that point, I simply wouldn't accept that we were so poor. Only now I know just how expensive Eppingford High School was. Little Morton, on the other hand was entirely free, which was unusual then because literally nothing was ever free.
Anyway, a sense of danger and evil ran over my soul as we passed through the sinister metal gates into a strange little graveled courtyard leading onto a vast reception area. I noticed how untouched the plain grey exterior appeared. I was completely used to Addlefield High School, a large, scruffy comprehensive with all sorts of marks and stains on the walls and flies around the bins. Unfortunately, it had been closed down after the funding stopped due to a murder and a few fraudulent reports.
So now I'm going to Little Morton. As I stumbled through my fear into the reception area, an unfriendly-looking receptionist peered down at me over a tall desk. She took a quick look at her notebook.
"Ah, this must ##, ##,.....Sarah?", the woman asked coldly. My mother looked at the woman earnestly.
"Yes, where do we go please?", replied my mother. The woman gave her a cold stare.
"Come with me."
She set off at a quick pace, me and my mother and I struggled to keep up with her. We followed her through strange little doors and tiny bedrooms and hallways covered in paintings and drawings. Eventually, she stopped abruptly outside a strangely tall, thin door.
"Here we are", said the woman, stony-faced. "This is your dormitory."
This surprised me. This door looked identical to all the rooms we had passed. Some of them had had the doors open, and the rooms were all pitifully small. I had naturally assumed that they were single bedrooms, holding one person. But as I opened the door, from which loud rock music was booming, I looked around and realised that the room, although it was exactly the same size as the other tiny rooms, was holding not only one, not, two, not even three, but FOUR girls!
I stared at them for a second. How was this possible? I thought that it was rather miniscule boarding even for one girl. Where did they put all their THINGS???
I realised that I was not only looking at them-they were also looking at me inquisitively, and giggling. I suddenly felt so judged and shy of these girls, who obviously wanted to make me feel small. Instead I shut the door and turned to my mother, who was looking emotional. The woman gave her an urging look. She wanted her to say goodbye.
"Oh sweetie, I think I should go now. Give you a chance to settle in properly." She kissed me on the cheek lightly, and before I knew it, she left. I was left alone feeling confused as to what I was meant to do as the fierce receptionist marched off, leaving me standing there, shivering with nerves.
"Um.......what do I do?" I thought to myself. I took the desicion to knock quietly on the door in front of me. The music got louder. I knocked again, this time in frustration. The door suddenly swung open and I was faced with a tough-looking girl, wearing pyjamas and a grim expression.
"Yeah, I heard you knocking. Who are you?" All the other girls in the dormitory turned to me with scarily alike questioning faces. I noticed they all had perfectly flawless skin compared to my countless freckles and they all had beautiful big clear blue eyes compared to my small, bright green witchy peepers, shortsighted but we couldn't afford me to have glasses.

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