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Love Story { Series 1 } The Crush ( New Part Every 2 Days! )

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Alice Greene, the new nerd at school was shy, nice, and had a big sense of humor. She was afraid to show her Pokemon loving personality. But she knew about... Marie-Anne, the meanest, most evil, drama-filled 8th grade popular drama queen. She looked down the hallways with her emerald green eyes, sweeping her beautiful chestnut brown bangs out of her Alice-looking face. Marie-Anne Gates, looking at her with her hazel brown eyes glared at her with the evil eye from her fuzzy pink locker saying "Nice nerd glasses! Where'd ya get em'? The UGLY store?" Her little group chuckled like clowns at a circus. Alice replied, " Actually no....". She stopped talking and didn't even bother to talk. Not until she saw a boy, with chestnut blonde hair, green blue eyes and freckles. Alice had rosy cheeks and freckles, so she didn't mind talking to someone kind of like her in a way. Alice found out her locker was next to his and.... MARIE-ANNE GATES?!?!? She looked inside her locker and all she saw was pictures of hew new crush! Truns out, his name was Jason Parker. Jason was Alice's new best friend! She was so happy! She was constantly staring at him and he was staring at her too! They both blushed and turned back to their work. Marie-Anne was so envious! But she had her little "group" to help her get Jason. Jason and Alice sat together at the lunch period and played Pokemon for a while. She ate her sandwich and then drama queen Marie-Anne rushed her way. " Who do you think you are stealing Jason? " she said with a bratty attitude. Alice ignored her and walked away. She rushed near Jason who kept signaling her to come. "So Jason, I won?" she asked with a smile. "Yeah, I guess! All up to ya!" he said with humor in every word. Marie-Anne looked at Alice's curly chestnut brown hair with envy. She wanted to interfere so bad... But she just couldn't. So she decided to write about herself dating JASON. When Alice read the news she was dumb flabbergasted! She heard her Fur Elise ringtone and looked at the text "Can u b3li3v3 this Alic3? he texted with 3's. "No! I just can't! This stuck up brat!" she texted with anger as she looked up at her bedroom ceiling. She sighed. Jason knocked and came in. "Hey! Your mom let me in" he said. "Eh, how's life?" she said giggling already. "Ehh, I'd say it's fine, until Marie-Anne ruined it" he said funnily. They both liked each other, but they each told one person... The next day Marie-Anne laughed..."Everyone believes I'm dating him!" she laughed like an evil bloodsucking vampire "But... but..." Alice stuttered...


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