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  *Note: This chapter is not finished. I just need feedback if I should continue writing this.
                             Chapter 1: Popularity is Key
       As you may have heard, in middle school popularity is key to rule the school. Is it true or not? Well, I learned it the hard way. Hi, I am Olivia Evanston, and I went from popular to a nobody, thanks to one girl.
       The loud beep of my alarm clock went off at exactly 6 AM. Time for another boring day at school, I thought. I stretched my arms above my head then slid out from the covers. Then I went over to my closet and looked through the rack of hangers. Boring this, blah that. I found a floral dress and picked out a white cardigan to go with it. I headed to the bathroom door and realized that inside that room is my older brother Tyler. He takes a long time to get ready.
         I pounded on the door, “Tyler!” No answer comes from inside. Well I wait, I minds well tell you about myself. I am the youngest out of 2 kids. I was born and grew up in the town I live in. I am a 6th grader at Westmond Middle School. I am the most popular girl in the school. I rule the school.
          Finally the door opens up and my brother Tyler comes out along with an oder. “Thanks a lot!” I said pinching my nose. I sprayed a bit of my perfume in the bathroom to try to replace the smell. I got dressed and then put on my makeup. First the eye shadow, second I curl my lashes, third I put on mascara, and lastly I put on a bit of lip gloss. Makeup attracts boys you know!
This is NOT finished. I need feedback if I should continued this.

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Continue i like this smile


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Cool! Continue it smile


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