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Star Trekker Chapter 1:
October 31st
Have you ever had one of those times where it seemed like everybody thought you were the bad guy, and you believed them?  At one time, I thought the same thing. But my world changed when something amazing happened. Something that was breathe-taking.
            It was a normal day at first. A whole day feeling like I was still in zombie mode and nobody would talk to me, again. I already got enough trouble for shop lifting, and stealing, and lying. Today I had detention as usual. To bet it all, my favorite teacher in the whole school is teaching it. The substitute, Mr.Dunfee, was harsh and mean to everyone while brining my mom chocolate and me video games.
            When I got home, that’s when the crazy stuff happened. As I got off the bus I see a note on my aunt’s door. As I got in arm’s length of reading it; a sudden blue, bright flash caught my attention. I looked up at the sky, scared, frighten, wanting to take cover.
            I knew that the blue flash was unnatural. So I pulled my baby blue back-pack, which had my initials on it, in front of me just in case something flew at me. As my eyes adjusted from looking up at the strange thing, I began to recognize it as it came in for a landing.
            It was one of the ships from Star Trek! My back-pack started to slide out of my hands because of me gasping in awe. I quickly grabbed it and started to it on my back but in a slow kinda way so it wouldn’t get in the mud. I was totally amazed. Then I started to walk back, but very slowly.
            “Hello? Hello! Are you the owner of this house?” a strange, familiar voice asks me through a big speaker. “No, but my aunt is.” I replied by screaming. “Are you Amelia Kennedy?” the voice asked again. “Yes.” I screamed again. “Wait just a second, please.” another voice said. I could tell it was a different because this one sounded deeper than the deepest voice I know of.

Suddenly a person zapped down from the ship.  The person that zapped down seemed familiar to me, in some way, I just couldn’t put his face with his name. “Hello. I am Data.” As I thought! Since I am, somewhat, a Star Trek fan I knew, or thought, I knew, his face. He is Data!
            “Hello.” I say in a really nervous voice from all the excitement building up. He reached out his hand for me to shake. My hand was trembling on the way to his. “Why are you nervous, might I ask?” Data said. “I…I… I seen a person playing you in a movie, but I thought you never existed. I mean wow… uh…wow.” I kept trembling ever second he didn’t let go of my hand.
            “Well, shall we get on the ship?” Data said with a hurry up, let’s get going voice. “Sure. Let’s get going.” I replied back.

            As we zapped back up, I started to see other people. The first person I saw on the ship was Captain Picard. It seemed he came from Earth as well. But I still had my suspicions about him. Something made me beware.
          The next one I seen was Worf. Worf was the strangest looking person I have ever seen. But I kept my comments to myself. He seemed like he could take a punch or two. Or was like one of those wrestlers who gets knocked out in the first two seconds of the bell ringing.

         After Worf, I saw another person named Deanna Troi. She was dressed like a hipster because of her flower in her hair. But she seemed really nice. I hope I get to talk to her soon.
 Finally, Dr. Beverly Crusher. She was one of those people who would probably want to ruin everything. But, I’m getting to conclusions.

         In nervousness, I waved hi to everyone. As I stood there, I felt a tingling feeling all through me.  My knees and legs felt like jelly. I fell, feeling like jelly and my stomach all in knots and about to barf.  It felt like the whole room was spinning.
       Next, my arms felt like jelly so my arms gave out. The next thing I remember saying before I passed is a saying I only hear in my dreams. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pail moonlight?” I said before my eyes finally closed.

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