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Choose Your Favorite Writing Prompt!

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Posted about 5 years ago

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1. Write a story where the character is completely original. 
Everything about this character is different from the typical but 
that character must live and interact in a world that is normal. 
Does this character create conflict or perhaps adapt to the world? 
How so?
2.Try to pick two of your personal favorite characters in a book, 
game, show or movie. Change the names of the characters. Write a 
story where these two characters meet and become best friends or 
enemies. Make this relationship central to your story.
3. Write a story that involves something that is really fearful to 
you. Your story could involve how the character overcomes this fear
or how the character is consumed by their fear.
4. Think of an illness that you find interesting or that has 
occurred with your family. Write a story where the main character 
has to deal with this illness to some degree. Maybe he has the 
disease or a family member is suffering from the disease. How does 
this affect that person, how does it relate to the overall story 
line and how does the main character cope or not cope with the 
5.  Your main character wakes up and it’s a perfectly normal day. 
However, when he or she calls their significant other, they discover 
their name is not in their phone. They soon discover that their 
loved one no longer exists. Everyone seems to think this person 
is crazy since they have absolutely no idea who this loved one is. 
What happens next?
6. Write a story of romance but from a different cultural perspective.
For instance write about romance in China, India, Namibia and so on.
7. Write a love story about someone going through a marital conflict 
such as a divorce.
8.  Imagine a beautiful dream you had once. Now write a story 
surrounding that dream. Maybe the event takes place in that area, 
or perhaps that is the same dream of your character, and so on.
9.Write a disturbing story about a character who has somewhat 
perverse dreams and has to cope with it somehow.
10. Write a story that begins with, “She tripped and fell into the
 burning sand…”
11. Write a story where the opening scene is a fun summer bon-fire 
that involves drinking, maybe a beach or a lake, and laughter.
12. Write a story about a romantic summer romance. Think of all the 
places you wish you could fall in love and who you would like to 
fall in love with. Write a story based on that setting and on the 
character you would find most desirable.
13. Write a story about a world that has an eternal winter. Winter 
is all the civilization knows. Write about how this civilization 
evolved, why it has always snowed and perhaps leave clues that winter
 may be ending. How does the civilization handle the changes of 
winter to spring?
14. Write a story about a character’s journey to becoming a 
well-known musician.
15. Write a story that follows characters who are somehow involved 
in music tour around the nation. The characters could be the band 
members, agents, groupies, fans and so on.

Posted about 5 years ago

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I love them all, especially number 5. ♥

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