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Star Trek: A New Story (Chapter 2,3, &4)

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Star Studded And Out Chapter 2:
When I awoke, I was lying on a cold table. I sat up and to my surprise; Data was asleep at my feet. I didn’t want to awaken him so I didn’t move. I looked around, wondering what a sight this would be if my friends, if I had them, could see this. Then it hit me; I put ## ###### in my back-pack that morning.
I looked over and there it was, beside the bed. I reached for it but noticed something strange. My arm was gold, but so pale. There was a metal tray on a table right next to the bed. I grabbed it quickly forgetting about Data and kicking him. I looked and I was different.
Before I could scream Data put his hand over my mouth. He explained to me that when I and he touched that somehow I turned into an android, or what he was. I was in shock.
“You need to fix this, Data. I want a real pulse, instead of a circulatory system that regulates micro-hydrologic power. Plus, if I stay like this I don’t even need to go to school. My name will be Google from now on if I stay like this.”
“I’ll try. Just sit back and relax, Amelia.” When Data said that I felt just angrier. What person on Earth or another world can just sit and do nothing for long periods of time?
“How long is it going to take to get me turned back to a human?” I asked with my knees scrunched up to my body.
“Possible weeks, six or seven months, a year.” Data said like it was easy. “Easier said than done, Data.” I replied with a mean stare. “I promise I will turn you ba…. Hmmm.” Data said suspiciously. At the time he was going to finish his promise, a little blue-green light, not even the size of a pea, blinked and beeped.
“What does that mean?” I asked. “Umm…It seems like there is power within you.” Data said looking all confused. “Like hydrologic power? If it’s that tell me what I don’t know.” I asked, now my face looking all confused with a dash of sarcasm. “No, a diff...” Before Data could finish his sentence, Captain Picard walks in.
Big Change and Little Difference Chapter 3
“Have you ever wanted to be like a hero, Mrs. Kennedy?” Picard said with question. “I wanted to have superpowers like water bending and super speed.” I said. As he kept getting closer to me, my body shacked more and more.
“Well that’s the kind of power you got. But until you can live here, eat her, and sleep here we need to see how those powers work.” Captain Picard said like he was a five-star general. “Captain Picard, sir, I’m only in the seventh grade. I don’t even have a driver’s license until I’m in the tenth grade.” I replied scared half the death.
“Are you sure you are twelve?” Picard asked. Then I grabbed the metal tray and seen that I was twenty-one. “You aren’t from Earth. You’re from Data’s planet, with a little dna from Spoc’s father.” Picard said like he said millions of times before. “What?” I checked my ears and saw that they were pointy. I began to start to scream again. And again Data covered my mouth with his hand.
“Also, you and Data have the same creator who knew a woman who later had Spoc.” Picard said like it was no big deal. “So does this mean I don’t have to go to school?” I wondered and asked. “No you do not.” Picard said with a smile on his face.
“Somebody pinch me.” I said kind of excited. “Ow. Data, is sarcasm another language to you?” I can’t believe he pinched me! “What is sarcasm?” Data asked. “It’ll take an Einstein to tell you what sarcasm is.” I said. Bluffing to an overgrown toaster oven, I wonder what my friends at school would think of me doing this. “Who is Einstein?” Data asked again. “Ahh… Never mind Data.” I said quickly.
“You also need to practice and train your powers.” Picard said with his hand in his front pocket. “What’s in you pocket?” I asked getting ready to either to get yelled at or get him fighting mad. He suddenly pulled out a necklace that’s gem hanged by a little hook. The gem was beautiful sapphire color, but I doubted it was a sapphire.
Then he reached me a mustard colored uniform. I ran to the dressing room to try it on. I thought it looked good on me. It was pretty awesome. But I didn’t like the skirt, or the color. But I was more worried about the skirt. “Can I have pants please?” I asked Picard. “I thought you’ll say that.” Picard sounded sneaky like. Then he reached me a pair of pants. Outfit complete.

Questions, Answers, and Leaving Chapter 4
“The amulet should help you control your powers.” Picard said with a sad face. “What’s wrong?” Data and I questioned at the same time. “It’s…it’s nothing. I just…um…thought of my wife.” He had a wife? Nobody could hold back on asking.
“Oh. Did she die?” I asked, uncertain of what answer might pop up. “She and the baby died.” Picard retorted with tears in his eyes.  
And a baby! Well then, my minds made up. He defiantly needs a hug. Questions are running through my head. I don’t want to upset him more so I keep them all to myself. “I feel so sorry for you. I hope her and the baby are watching you when you do crazy stuff.” I said, feeling like to cry.
Picard laughed and just walks back out, probably feeling guilt. “Well, that’s enough sadness for one day.” I said relived for Picard and his sadness leaving as I turn into a seventh grader again. “Where are you going, Amelia?” Data asked like he was a real dad while I was getting up from the bed. “Where I’m going? Well, I don’t have many choices on where to go without adult supervision, huh?” I asked feeling like a robber getting caught by the police.
“You have all the freedom you want as long as I or the counselor comes with you.” He said like he was going to glue himself to me. “I was going to karaoke night at the school Halloween Dance. Want to come, you and Worf will blend in? Everyone has to dress up. If the adults or the students don’t dress up they don’t get to come in.” I said. If he doesn’t say sure, or yeah, I’ll personally reboot him.
“What is karaoke?” Data said dumfounded. “Karaoke is when you sing with the music playing to your favorite song. People cheer or boo if #### like you ## #### ###.”
I said with laughter in my voice. “Oh. It would be a pleasure.” Data replied as if he’s getting invited to a party with the mad hatter. But, I do need someone to take me.

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