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Great story. I liked the way you put stars to show a new chapter ( a new part.) Did the stars mean that it is also a new day of the story, too ? Big Grin

(Thank you so much, all of you :3. The stars didn't exactly mean a new day every time, but more of a way to simply separate the parts of the story; for some reason, I thought it might be better that way).

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I had to admit something to myself: I never expected Sebastien De Lange, an eight year old boy, to be such a complex character. "Sometimes I wonder if I chose the right path …" he trailed off.

I searched my head for something that would comfort him, but I had gone completely blank. So I spoke the only words I could possibly think of.

"Your path has to be your own. You can't follow someone else's footsteps, or the path that has been laid out for you. You make your own path … that's why it is yours".

My eyes were fixed on his, reassuring.

"You'll make your own path right".

He exhaled, his breath sending the scent of fresh spearmint into the atmosphere. He concealed any further emotion, tightening a pistol in his belt with one hand.

I felt my eyes almost pop out of my head, and I instinctively grabbed the gun out of his grip. "You're eight years old", I felt like I was shrieking, although my volume was as average as his.

"So?" His tone was annoyingly smug again.

"You're not even in middle school yet - you can't be freely running around with a gun". The part that caused me to #### ## was the realisation that he completely was able to run around with a gun, not only because of the choice he made of his fate, but because he was probably trained to use a number of weapons, too.

"Actually, I can, Madame", he smirked, effortlessly twirling the gun in his fingers before swiftly sliding it back into his canvas belt.

I shook my head at the slightest, as if I could shake away all this confusing insanity along with it. "What world was Alexandra taken to, then?" I asked, returning to the main and most important part of the conversation.

Sebastien grinned faintly.

"Astria, Madame. The Land of Fire and Ash, Home to the Dragons and the Undead, the Place of Lost Souls and Memories, the Source of Death".

I grimaced. "Lovely".



* * *



I stared into the endless seas of mist, the fall below me that seemed never-ending. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" There was obvious doubt in my tone, since after everything I'd been told recently, I was now being convinced that jumping off a cliff would take me to my best friend. Either this insanity had decided to persist or Alexandra Evelyn was waiting for me in heaven, which seemed ironic since I would be jumping down.

"Positive, Madame. I know enough to be sure the fall leads to an opening portal".

Something else I didn't understand was why he continuously called me Madame, even though he knew my name was Anastasia Chase. Still, I was grateful, since it was an improvement from 'Chick' or 'Babe', as I had been called numerous times by the guys in my school. I suppose 'Madame' just seemed strange coming from an 8 year old boy.

"So, will we be teleported straight there?"

The conversation seemed to roll on so quickly from there.

"Almost exactly".

"What's almost?"

"You'll be sent through a brief vortex to travel there. As long as you don't vomit along the way, you'll be fine. It only lasts a few seconds, anyway. Quick and easy".

"That's what my aunt said before I got my first leg wax".

"About vomiting?"

"No. Quick and easy".

"Ah, right".

I deeply inhaled the fresh air, as if I was afraid it would be the last time I'd get the chance to.

"See you at the bottom?"

"I'm right behind you".

As satisfied as I would probably get, I spread my arms out as if they were wings, and jumped.

Except I didn't fly.



* * *



I wasn't the type of girl that usually screamed.

… And this was another happy occasion where I kept quiet.

I couldn't. I felt too sick to scream.

My stomach felt as if it was dropping straight out of me, and I was tumbling down through the mist, unable to even see what lied ahead of me, or in this case, below me.

The air suddenly caught me, and tore me into a vortex as ######### had said, with such force I thought my limbs were about to be ripped out of their sockets. It was different … worse than the original fall, since I was tumbling and turning and spinning in every direction through endless darkness.

My head spun, pounding and aching as the blood rushed through my veins, repeatedly changing direction like a confused mouse speeding back and forth through a maze.

Everything seemed to happen even faster, then.

I was blinded with a light, brighter than any I'd ever laid my eyes on. It was like staring at the sun, which is why I forced myself to squeeze my eyes shut; the light still glowed beneath my eyelids. Then it vanished - just like that - in a rapid flash, and I hit the ground, hard.

I stumbled to my feet, barely even noticing the blackened trees surrounding me.

"Se-" My voice was weak and mumbled at first, until I summoned the energy to fix it. "Sebastien!" 

There was no response. 

I cupped my hands around my mouth, shouting up through the open gap. "Sebastien!"

I inhaled the air deeply, but it was dusty and old, holding the scent of ash and blood. Stifling a cough, I took a step forward, staring up at the nothingness above me. There was a clouded sky, and that was all.

"By jolly, you hit a pigeon, m'boy! What's a young lad like you doin' dancin' through Portals, anyway?"

I arched a questioning eyebrow at the voice, placing my hands on my hips as I stepped back, watching for a sign of movement in the sky. "Hello? Anybody there?" My voice sounded strained and tired, which summed up how I felt quite exactly. I could feel my stomach rumbling with hunger and thirst, and a thick graze across my right arm, but the worst part was, I knew I'd be lost without Sebastien De Lange, who had led me here in the beginning.

"Poor pigeon never saw ya' comin' by the look a' it".

"Just #### ## and get me down from here".

"What's da' magic word, eh?"

"Abracadabra. Let me down".

"Always makes meh' happy to hear a young boy usin' his manners".

I couldn't help but grin.



* * *



Sebastien plummeted down from the clouds, gliding due to the shard of material below his feet. It sustained him in mid-air as he reached the rubble-covered ground, with no visible force or string holding him up.

"Is that -" I hesitated, ruffling the little dirt out of my hair. "A hover-board?" It was the only suggestion my exhausted mind could come up with at the moment, although with everything that had been going on recently, anything seemed possible.

"No. A Golden Dragon's scale, Madame".

I recognised the bitterness in his tone, and coming to the conclusion he wasn't in such a good mood at the moment, I didn't ask him any questions … well, except one.

"Who were you talking to up there?"

"Zander Roven".

"May I ask who Zander Roven is?"

"An old, Mortal man".

I paused, placing my hands on my temples, as if I could gently rub away the aching dizziness.

"Does he have any powers - like you?" My voice sounded bored - a result of my exhaustion - despite the fact I was actually interested to claim all the information I could get.

"Enhanced Annoying Ability. No, he doesn't have any powers", Sebastien snapped, which wasn't a side to him I had witnessed till now. "He knows about the Worlds though - Judging from my personal knowledge, he is most likely from Mortalle".


"Your world. Earth".

"Right". I was never going to get used to that. "So where has he gone now?" So much for not asking him any questions …

"Away, which is where we're going".

I bit down on ## ###### lip, remembering my family. Strangely, I felt a little homesick, even though I wasn't close with my Mum, or especially my Dad.

"Crap!" I collapsed on my knees, my head resting in my hands. "My Mum! What am I going to tell her?"

I breathed in and out, unable to even contemplate how much she would yell at me when I finally returned home - If I did at all.



"Your Mum's been missing for two days".



* * *



It felt weird being empty-handed, without my backpack or my rucksack or a notebook. My arms were dangling to my sides at first, until I decided that for some reason, I felt more comfortable with my hands rested on my leather belt. I had concluded twenty minutes ago that my Mum had more secrets hidden than I thought she bore, and when Sebastien had informed me that my baby brother was now being cared for by his mistress, Madame De' Grace, I had been flooded with more guilt than I'd ever remembered feeling, because I had failed both my mother and Aaron. 

Missing. How could my mother be missing, just like that? 

The beginning of a scream escaped my lips as a hand was cupped over my mouth. I tried to bite away the steady hand, but it was covered by a black, leather glove, preventing me from doing so. "Let go of me!" I attempted to say, but it ended up coming out as a muffled trail of 'blah' beneath the leather. I was carelessly tossed to the ground, knocking my left side against the rubble and dirt. "What do you think you're doing?" I snarled, stumbling to my feet. My legs felt as if they were about to give up on me, and the speed at which I had climbed back up from the ground rewarded me with a dizzying head rush. 

There were three figures in front of me: A boy around 17 years of age, with jet black hair and dark blue eyes, which contrasted sharply with his almost white and yet flawless skin. He was dressed entirely in black, with a leather jacket, canvas sneakers and jeans. There was a girl beside him, who appeared only slightly older, with her waist-length, raven black hair matching mine almost exactly. It was probably longer than waist-length, since it was tied up in a neat, high ponytail, which made my attempt at one seem extremely pathetic. But rather than my emerald green eyes, hers were a mix of amber and topaz - almost glowing against her clear, pale skin. She was wearing navy skinny jeans, and a black tank top, her lips curling up into a smirk. The boy behind her appeared about 16 (maybe a little older) with golden blonde hair and hard, hazel eyes. His skin was slightly tanner than that of the other boy's, and he was dressed in a black cloak. As a result, whatever he was wearing underneath, including footwear, was barely visible. It was hard to tell which of the boys had grabbed me, since both were wearing black, ##########, leather gloves, but I assumed it was the dark-haired one, since he was closest. 

A look of shock crossed my face as the girl took a step forward and swiftly slapped me across the face; the sudden impact sent me tumbling back again. I reached my hand up to my cheek, rubbing the area where she had hit me. 

"Genevieve. That's enough", the blonde boy said, his voice toned with warning.

She glared at him from the corner of her eye, showing she didn't appreciate his speech. "Do not tell me what to do, Demetri". There was obvious bitterness in her tone. "Believe me when I say I am bound by no law or promise to follow you; if you betray me, I will personally present you with the consequences".

"I said, that's enough, Genevieve", the blonde boy repeated himself, firmer and clearer this time.

"She has already seen us, Demetri. It is our task to keep ourselves hidden, and this Mortal hasn't been able to keep her mouth shut from the beginning. If you refuse to take care of this, I will".



* * *


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Hi again! Why are you so great of writing?!! smile

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"lemonadewithbrownies" wrote:

"RawrSkittles=)" wrote:

I love how you give details to your story, and how you describe things there. I also love the story line. Good job! ^-^

same,its really descriptive,helping the reader really gt into the details of the things going on,thats what a good writer does,i will make the conclusion that  youre a good writer

I also agree with you. smile 

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"RawrSkittles=)" wrote:

Hi again! Why are you so great of writing?!! smile

(Hi! smile. You're so sweet, thank you! I really appreciate your support. I wasn't sure about posting it at first because I thought everyone might hate it).

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Genevieve revealed a razor-sharp dagger from the silver belt around her waist, which featured several snakes entwined and twisted amongst each other. The dagger itself was embellished at the hilt with diamond and black stone, and there was a unique language carved across the edge of the blade.

I crawled back as she raised her weapon above her head - in both hands - preparing to strike.

It couldn't end this way.

It couldn't.

As I realised I wouldn't be able to climb to my feet in time, or to run, or to move further away for that matter, I felt my eyes intensify as they fixed on this girl's. "Not today, #-#####, I hissed.

Her eyes blazed with fury, her perfect ponytail faintly swaying behind her.

"I will request you place down your weapon, Madame, or I may be forced to pull the trigger", the familiar voice echoed in my ears. Sebastien De Lange, here to rescue and lead me again. It occurred to me how many times he had referred to a female as 'Madame'. The smug expression pasted across his face was unusually comforting, especially as Genevieve spun round in shock, dropping her dagger, wide-eyed. The other two boys beside her paused, turning to face the eight year old in silent motions.

"If you know what's good for you, child, you will leave".

Sebastien stood there calmly, his gun raised and pointed at the three, chest puffed out and eyes dancing with pride and excitement. "Unfortunately sir, the Madame is a beloved acquaintance of mine, whom I shall not allow to fall under the blade of Ms. Belle, here". He briefly gestured to Genevieve, but his fixed aim with his pistol did not shift nor flinch at the slightest.

"We do not plan to kill her, if that is what you are referring to", Demetri spoke finally, glancing at the others from the corner of his eye before returning his gaze to Sebastien. "At least not all of us do". He placed his own gun on the ground before him, concealing the amusement playing in his hazel eyes. "Here is Genevieve Belle, Leon Hunter, and myself, Demetri Talon". He paused, and for a moment I thought I saw his eyes glow. "We are nomadic hunters, originating from the south-east, here in Astria". He stopped again, his lips curling up at the right into a smirk. "And we need the 'Madame'".



* * *



The dark-haired boy, Leon, grabbed me by my wrist, dragging me back with such effortless strength I didn't even realise it was humanly possible. Then I realised it wasn't humanly possible, because as I struggled from his grip, he hissed harshly, revealing his canine teeth, which were unusually and dangerously sharp. Flecks of crimson seeped across his eyes, spilling across his iris like thin blood, until his eyes were completely and utterly red. I had always imagined that if I was attacked, I would kick and run … that I would have some chance of escaping; but faced by this creature, I was helpless. I could already feel my wrist crushing under the pressure of his fingers, and I could see that fighting against him was like kicking bare-footed at a boulder.

My eyes caught the dagger in his belt. Whilst it was not embellished and decorated like Genevieve's, it was sharp, which was most important to me. Nothing else mattered. Ducking under his arm, I curled my fingers around the hilt and tore it out of his belt and sheath, plunging it into his chest. The attack caused him to loosen the grip on my wrist, which allowed me to run. I spun round again, aware I couldn't leave Sebastien. He was fearlessly firing bullets at Genevieve, who managed to dodge every attack he sent. Grabbing her own knife, she leapt down from the nearest tree, lunging at him with the blade. The two fought, back and forth, and the one thing they had in common was the fact they were both enjoying it.

But then, I subconsciously shut out every sound and action surrounding me, because Demetri Talon was walking towards me, unarmed, but no less dangerous. I turned, prepared to run again, but I stopped when his voice rang in my ears. 

"We're not here to kill you, Anastasia". 

How did he know my name?

"You have a thousand questions you want to ask. Questions we can answer. Unfortunately, we do need you to come with us, and we will bring you … the easy way -" he paused, as if for dramatic effect, "or the hard way".

I tightened the grip on the blade I held, absently watching as Leon's blood splattered on the grass, sliding down the silver before dropping near the hilt. It stained my fingers, and the droplets rolled down the back of my hand. I bit down on ## ###### lip, so hard I thought I would taste my own blood at any moment. 

Because his blood wasn't red. 

It was black.



* * *



I didn't turn to face Demetri. Whether it was because I didn't want to see his face, or because I didn't want him to see mine, I wasn't sure. What I did know, was I wasn't going to be following after he and his friends, especially when one of them was trying to kill Sebastien.

"Run! I'll find you later, just run!" His voice rang in my ears, his urgent yet amused expression catching my gaze.

Run, Anastasia. They won't kill me, don't worry, just run and don't look back.

I did what he said, not even questioning the fact he was communicating with me without his lips even needing to move at the slightest. There was something about his echoing voice in my head that confirmed it wasn't just ordinary ventriloquism.

I ran into the woods, awkwardly slicing through the branches and thorns with my knife.

My knife. I never thought I would say or even think that, but here I was, with a bloodstained dagger in one hand. This had never been my idea of the "epic fantasy" I'd dreamed of being part of my entire life.

As I ran, as fast as I possibly could, the blood slid down my arm and shoulder, matting and staining my raven black hair. I was too afraid to be disgusted, and my mind was too focused on running to take much notice. A hand grabbed my wrist, forcing me to spin round to face him - Demetri. I struggled in an attempt to loosen his fingers from around my arm, throwing a kick to his shin; he barely even seemed to notice. "Let go of me!" I felt like I was screaming, even though I knew I wasn't. He reached for my other wrist, barely missing it as I pulled away from him again. "Let, go!" he released his grip on me suddenly, which caused me to throw myself backwards into the nearest tree, slamming my head into the trunk. Blood trickled down the edge of my face, before my vision was speckled with black dots, and I had the sensation I was falling -



* * *



Demetri slung Anastasia over his shoulder, her limp body an easy weight for him to carry. The dagger slipped from her loose fingers, disappearing amongst the foliage. His blonde hair shadowed the edges of his face, somehow causing his tanned skin to become slightly paler. There was a smug look painted across Genevieve's expression, as if she believed she had personally managed to capture Anastasia. Sebastien had just been thrown back into the snow, a mixture of anger and annoyance in his eyes. Genevieve smiled grimly, revealing her glistening canine teeth. "What do we do with him?" she gestured calmly to Sebastien, who was crawling out of the snow and to his feet. Demetri hesitated, "Leave him".

"What are you taking her for?" 

Sebastien demanded the information, cursing under his breath at his pistol, which was broken and snapped to one side, thanks to Genevieve.

They had already turned, but Leon faced Sebastien again, the red in his eyes gradually reducing. The answer lingered on the edge of his mind, but he was reluctant to respond.

Genevieve answered before he could.

"The East Mountains of Ashbrook. We have company waiting for us there".

But before another word could be spoken, the three had disappeared, so rapidly they were barely a blur.

Sebastien tossed aside his broken pistol with a sigh.

"Madame De' Grace will kill me", he muttered under his breath, even though he was certain he was wrong. If anyone would kill him, it would be Alexandra, especially if he didn't get Anastasia back.



* * *



When I awoke, an entire series of dreams and nightmares were hovering on the edge of my subconscious mind, too far for me to reach just yet. I remembered how real it had seemed; there had been a boy, and there had been Demetri also … my eyes snapped open. At the same time, I swallowed, and it was as if my ears popped and I could hear again. I tried to raise myself up, but my body was as stiff as a board, and my head was still pounding. 

"Slow down … You'll need to rest for a while longer".

My eyes narrowed almost as soon as I heard the familiar voice. "You", I said accusingly, quickly climbing off the bed before his hand reached my head.

"Just sit down. I can explain-"

"Don't you talk to me! Don't you even get anywhere near me!" I blinked as the blinding light washed over me. I felt like I was in a hospital room, and I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I slammed my fists against the wooden door, wishing I could scream for someone to help me back to my ordinary life.

It had never been ordinary, Anastasia. This is your fate, and it has been since the day you opened your eyes.

I grabbed the brass knocker on the door; it was carved into the shape of a small lion's head, about the size of my fist altogether. I began repeatedly knocking it against the door, listening absently as it thundered against the wood.

Demetri's eyes widened, his entire face hardening. "Are you insane? Stop doing that! You're going to lead-"

He was cut off as a creaking noise sounded from the door, and gradually slid open. 

I moved away, almost stumbling over the edge of the bed. I was feeling more and more of the anxiety in Demetri's tone by every passing second.

A figure stepped out from the shadows lingering behind the door, and two weary hands brushed against the hinges.

"Hello, Anna".

I hesitated, almost reluctant and afraid to believe what I was seeing. But I knew it was real, because I could see it with my eyes, I could hear it with my ears, and I could even smell that familiar yet distance scent of peppermint and parchment. It was the same obvious scent I had smelled a thousand times in the office in our house, where the shelves of old books had sat, collecting dust for so many years. I remembered the hidden jars of candies across the oak wood desk - the ones I had snuck into my pockets and sneakers so many countless times. But most of all, I remembered that man, who had sat at his desk, locked up in his office, and who left an empty chair at our table almost every night, because the only way to hold onto the scraps of those memories was to be reminded of them again and again. The worst part of this was, this man was looking at me the way I assumed he would have looked at me when I was born, and the way I know he looked at me when he unwrapped my birthday presents with me each year.

"Hi, Dad".



* * *

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oh crap dude this is awsome!!!

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❥ѕмιℓє, ℓσνє ιт'ѕ gσσ∂ fσя уσυ❥

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(Lol, thanks!)

The silence became so uncomfortable.

The fact that there was silence - and that it was so uncomfortable - tugged at a place in my heart, because silence was comfortable between people who were close, and if there wasn't silence, it was because they had so much to talk about. But it hurt, because I had to try so hard to say something to him, and being with him was like being with a stranger I loved, or at least remembered loving, if that even made sense.

He glanced over at Demetri, and then at me, where his gaze settled. 

"Mr. Talon, do you think you could give us a moment?"

"Of course, sir". He sounded reluctant to say the last word, and he almost spat it as if it were poison, but it was obvious in his eyes that he was attempting to be polite, and Levi Chase, my father, seemed to appreciate it. Demetri glanced back at me meaningly, as if he had something to say, before disappearing with a low thud of the door.

There was silence in the room for several moments.

I stared absently at my sneakers, while Levi rummaged through his mind for something to say.

"I suppose you're wondering-"

"A lot of things". I surprised myself at the bitterness in my tone. "Why didn't you tell me? Did you think I would rather find out this way? Whenever I asked you to attend one of my stage performances or music classes or parent day in 2nd grade, your excuse was always you had to work to provide for us. I suppose I should be grateful I eventually found out you just preferred to keep your precious secrets than to watch me grow up".


"Don't call me that. I'm sixteen now and I don't even remember you ever telling me you loved me. So play fair and explain to me, why have I been kidnapped, dragged down here, ended up in a hospital-type room for a night and-"

"Three nights, actually".

I felt anger rise in my chest; my heart pounded against my ribs, my fingers curling into fists. Three nights? I'd been here for three nights? I didn't even want to answer. I was tired of arguing and shouting … tired of the fact I had thrown myself into this world because my best friend had been taken from me … tired of trying to be a hero.

"You have no idea how insane my life has been recently", I paused, my eyes fixed on his. "I've lost my best friend, my mother, my baby brother is in some sort of "special babysitting house" and now you-"

"Anastasia. Please. Just go to the kitchen, get yourself something to eat, and meet me at my office. I can explain everything to you if you'll just let me". He was talking slowly and clearly, which would have normally annoyed me, but I was so exhausted and confused that I found it beneficial.


He looked at me as if I had just stabbed a spear through his heart; as if that one word had just torn him to shreds.

Tears began to well up in my eyes, but I didn't let them escape down my cheeks. When I spoke again, my voice was shaky, and quiet, and hurt, displaying exactly how I felt. Talking to him didn't just hurt emotionally; it hurt physically, too, like an aching pain thundering in places I hadn't even known were inside me. "When I wanted to spend time with you, you were never there. Now I'm returning the favour".



* * *



Be strong.

You can get through this.

I slipped out through the door, holding my breath and biting down #### ## ## ###### lip to keep from bursting into tears. The last thing I needed now was to start crying hysterically. I walked through the halls of the building, unable to understand what was tearing at me from inside. I felt like I was dying from the inside out. All my emotions, all my thoughts, every pain, both physical and emotional, I had always bottled up. But now this had bumped the bottle, and everything was beginning to spill out. I threw the main door open without even thinking, and continued walking in an attempt to get as far away from everything as I possibly could.

I'm sick of being alone.

Give me someone who understands, so I don't have to be alone anymore.

Give me someone who won't hurt me; who will pull me up when I fall instead of pushing me down.

I approached the end of a cliff, feeling like the time had passed so much slower than I wanted it to. Every place in my body was now aching, and there was a rising pain of anxiety in the back of my throat. As soon as I possibly could, I stopped at the edge of the cliff.

It seemed not all of Astria was the same, because this was beautiful.

Flowing rivers and waterfalls, green foliage and healthy wildlife. The area was surrounded by a series of large mountains and rolling hills, and the sky was bright, lit up with the sun.

I screamed as loudly and hard as I could, letting the tears stream down my face as I banged on the end of that bottle, in an attempt to get everything out so I could fill it up again later.

I wasn't the type of girl that usually screamed.

But this would've made a world record.



* * *



My feet slipped against a pile of moss, sliding beneath my shoes. I fell, which immediately cut off my screaming.

Two hands clasped around my arms, grabbing me before I slipped down to a seemingly endless fall. It made me realise it was almost as if Astria were a floating land in the sky, even though I knew that to be false, especially since there were other parts of Astria that made me think perhaps we were below ground.

"What the hell? Are you trying to #### ######## or are you just extremely clumsy?"

At first I thought 'Sebastien', but then I realised the nature of the words and the voice didn't match his.

I crawled further up the edge of the rock, moving away from the cliff's side to assure I wouldn't fall a second time, and make an even bigger fool of myself.

I brushed the dirt off my arms as I pulled my knees up to my chest, where they were now grazed and bruised, in addition to the minor yet painful wound across my shoulder - something I had gained thanks to that Tracker. "A mix of both", I replied, silently avoiding eye contact with Demetri. I listened absently as a low sigh escaped his lips, and he seated himself next to me, his arms casually draped over his knees. I could feel his gaze on me, which made me slightly uncomfortable, and slightly appreciative, since the attention he gave me wasn't like the attention of the boys at my school; he didn't seem to be like anyone, but rather like an individual, which was how I felt things should be.

"Be glad you screamed bloody murder then. It was the only thing that saved your life".

I almost smiled.

For a couple of reasons, of course, but mostly because of the fact he had pulled me up when I fell, after everyone, and everything else had pushed me down.



* * *



"Somehow I think that wouldn't have had much of an effect to everything", I paused, allowing my eyes to fix on his. The flecks of topaz in his hazel eyes almost glowed in this light, kind of like miniature shards of gold. I had noted from the first time I saw him that his entire complexion and features were much softer than Genevieve and Leon's, but no less brighter. "You were spying on me? Stalking me?" It wasn't much of a question, but more of a 90% positive suggestion, if that made sense.

He blew out a puff of air from his mouth, glancing away before returning his gaze to my face. The faint smirk on his face disappeared, as if he had only just realised I was serious, or that I was actually talking. "Well it sounds dodgy when you say it like that, but if you're going to twist the words on my tongue-" he stopped for a minute, and the smirk reappeared - more of a smile this time. "Then yes".

Silence passed between us for the next few minutes, until I thought of something else to talk about.

"What are you?"

He turned to look at me again as if I was speaking nonsense, raising an eyebrow.

"What I mean is … I'm human. What about you?"

"I'm Mortal, Anastasia".

I blinked, unsure of what to say to that.


"Aha! I knew there was a but". I smiled faintly, before stifling a laugh as I glanced back at the words I had just spoken.

He laughed too, revealing his pearl white teeth, and grinning in a way that was very different from his smirk. When he grinned like this, it was like a wide, genuine smile, and he looked like a normal, happy guy. But when he smirked, it was kind of crooked, like a cross between a smirk and a grin, and there was something very mysterious about him. I concluded that I preferred his genuine smile more than any other expression.

"But, Mortal doesn't always mean ordinary. I can still do things that pureblood humans can't".


"Yeah … if both parents of the child are completely human, the child will be human. It's all to do with the genes. Mortals were originally a single race; they didn't have magical powers or abilities. But then other species mated with them … Vampires, Werewolves, Dhampirs …" He stopped, seeming to enjoy the look of confusion and interest pasted across my expression. "For example, if a Vampire and a human mate, they will have a child. That child is called a Dhampir, because they will be half human, and half a Vampire. But, if a Dhampir and a Mortal bred together, they would most likely have a human child, but one with different abilities and powers. Basically, the child would be one part Dhampir, and three parts human".

I nodded once, feeding on the information like an intellectual vacuum, which pretty much summed up another chapter of my personality.



* * *



"So what can you … do?" I cringed as I brushed my fingers over my shoulder, where my injury was stinging and burning. I could already imagine the blood bubbling beneath my skin, or at least that was how it felt.

He must have noticed, because he turned to face me completely, and pulled my hand away from my shoulder, carefully placing his own there. I wanted to ask, What are you doing? But I was a little shocked, and couldn't really ask anything. "This", he said lowly, the blood seeping between his fingers. The palm of his hand began to glow, radiating a light that would have been blinding if it weren't for the fact his hand was in the way. The effect lasted for a couple of seconds, but faded as he pulled his hand away again, his eyes still fixed on mine. I hesitated, before pulling down my shirt slightly at the shoulder. There was nothing but bare skin, except a thin pink scar.

I glanced back up at Demetri.

His skin was warmer as the sunset rose behind him; the sky was painted with beautiful tones of pinks, oranges, blues, purples and a number of other hidden colours most people failed to mention when describing a sunset. "You can heal people?"

"Not exactly".

I found myself speechless again, unsure of what other explanation there was. I didn't stay speechless for long, because Demetri spoke soon enough.

"I can manipulate age. I can make someone younger or older through touch. It's a gradual process, but it's powerful, which is why it took so many years for me to learn to control it".

"Control it?"

"Before I learnt how to use it, if I touched someone, and I somehow lost control of my emotions, before I knew it, there were wrinkles and all-sorts forming on their skin".

"That sounds kind of horrible".

"It was".

"Didn't your parents ever help you?"

He laughed once, but not with amusement. It was more of a nervous laughter, or some type of low scoff.

"Well, my mum might've - if I hadn't killed her".



* * *


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this is pretty good.  

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Hi again! Why are you so great of writing?!! smile

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