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I can still see him in my mind! (Tell me what you think)!!

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theboysthatlovegirlsrock Lock
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March, 2012
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I still see him every day.
But the pain lodged inside of me.
When I'm with him I can tell him everything.
If only, I only he hadn't left me the teardrops of his blood.
Distraught, pain and ageny squished me to the floor.
At his funeral, I couldn't bear to see it all.

But, I still him every day.
Only this time,
Things change.
Now he wears the coat of death.
Devil's words before he went.
Now, not only can I not tell him things.
I cannot bear to see him part from me like this.

If only, I hadn't left him.
If only, I could have told him.
How much I love him.
I remember those day,
only in my mind.
But I still see him as he used to be in my mind.

Live Life
Live Strong
Be yourself

I can still see him in my mind! (Tell me what you think)!!

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April, 2013
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this is so sweet. i liked it

love you all

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