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     Jacoby and Emily Connerton were in Mandada Park at six forty-five in the afternoon. Jacoby was Emily’s eighteen year old older brother, Emily was only fifteen. Jacoby and Emily never got along. Jacoby and Emily both had wooden skulls in their rooms and played with them when they were nervous. Jacoby was a jock at the high school and never told anyone he had a sister, especially since he didn’t like Goths.
     Jacoby was five feet and eleven inches tall, had short, blonde hair, and was very muscular. His eyes were blue and he was pale, he was the smartest kid in his school, and avoided his sister. Jacoby was talking on the phone as Emily was swinging; Jacoby had always hated Emily since the day she came home from the hospital. Emily always looked up to Jacoby; she never realized his hatred towards her, at least not for a while. When she was five she had run off into the streets under Jacoby’s watch, Jacoby didn’t care nor did he pay attention, his Dad nearly ran her over. After the Dad stopped and carried Emily in he yelled at Jacoby for nearly getting his sister killed.
     Jacoby finally got off the phone and glared at his sister with hate. “Come on stupid, Mom wants us home.” Jacoby grabbed Emily’s wrist and jerked her off the swing, she fell to the ground and he jerked her up.
     “I’m coming Bubby,” she replied and smiled at him, he growled.
     “I TOLD YOU TO NEVER CALL ME THAT," he yelled at her, she flinched.
     “Sorry Jacoby,” she had said softly and they went home. Emily never told on Jacoby because she loved him and never wanted to see him in trouble. Once home Jacoby shoved past Emily and went to his room, the truth is, he was scared to like her in case she ended up hating him. Emily was young and beautiful with an hourglass figure, long black hair, crimson eyes, and a soft voice. She had crimson highlights and black lipstick and nail polish; her smile lightened every room except her brother’s.
     Emily went to her room and closed the door, when she was born she had problems with her heart and ha to go through many surgeries. She sat on her bed and sighed, and then she read a book, and relaxed. She hadn’t gotten a new heart yet and was on the bottom of the list of the people scheduled to get new hearts. She had to take many shots and had medicine to take that would keep her alive. Emily suddenly coughed and curled up under the covers, then fell asleep, she was growing weaker by the second and everyone knew it.
     That night Emily dreamt of her brother, smiling and keeping her safe, she woke up the next day and coughed then slowly got up and went to her bathroom. She came out an hour later, ready for school; she looked paler than before and shivered. Her Mother gave her a shot and her Father gave her a sack of lunch, Jacoby came down, annoyed. “I couldn’t sleep because of her stupid coughing,” he growled and grabbed a bowl for cereal. “Why don’t you just put her in a hospital and leave her there.” Their parents sighed and looked to Emily.
     “Jacoby you know we can’t do that,” the Father said as he hugged Emily, Emily hugged back. Jacoby sighed as he poured some cereal, then he ate, after he was done Emily and Jacoby left for school. Once at school Jacoby walked inside and went to his locker, Emily went to her locker where some people started bullying her. Jacoby watched as Emily took it, some jocks from Jacoby’s team joined in the bullying and Emily went to class. All day she went through the usual bullying and the teachers never believed her. At lunch she sat by herself and ate, Jacoby watched as his only sister grew weaker, and then he finally did something that wasn’t stupid, he approached her.
     Jacoby smiled as he sat beside her, everyone watched, shocked that he’d sit with a Gothic girl like Emily. Jacoby touched Emily’s hand and sighed, “Are you OK?” Emily coughed and nodded. Jacoby sighed “Eat up OK, I’m here for you,” Emily ate and Jacoby helped when needed. Jacoby’s team walked over to them and his friend, Michael, growled.
     “Jacoby what the heck are you doing?” he asked and Jacoby smiled.
     “I’m finally doing something that isn’t stupid; I’m taking care of my sister.” Emily hugged Jacoby and Jacoby hugged back, everyone gasped and started gossiping.
     “YOUR SISTER?” Michael yelled, shocked, “BUT SHE’S DUMB!” Jacoby smirked and ate, giving Emily his breadstick and Emily gave him a cookie.
     “Emily is as smart as I am, maybe even smarter so you just leave her alone.” He told them, they growled and left, Jacoby sighed.
     “Thanks Jacoby,” Emily said as she hugged her brother.
     “You’re welcome sweetie,” Jacoby replied as he hugged back, “and if anyone bothers you again tell me OK.” Emily nodded, smiling. After school Emily was at her locker, grabbing her things when Michael walked up to her and punched her, she fell to the floor and he started beating her up until Jacoby came and pulled Michael off of Emily. Emily cried and Jacoby held her close.
     “Jacoby I’m scared,” Emily cried and Jacoby hushed her.
     “Hush, it’s OK Princess, hush.” He kissed her forehead and she calmed down, clinging to his shirt.
     “Bubby it hurts,” she whimpered, “my chest hurts Bubby.” She cried and coughed, Jacoby sighed and rocked her.
     “I’m right here with you, always.” He held her close and Michael growled, then took out his switchblade. Jacoby got up and got in front of Emily protectively. “Stay away from my baby sister,” he growled and Emily coughed.
     “Make me,” Michael replied, “she’s just another chew toy.” He smirked and Emily gently grabbed Jacoby’s wrist, Jacoby relaxed slightly and sat with her, holding her close.
     “I’ll protect you sweetie, don’t worry,” he glared at Michael, then picked Emily and her things up and left. When they got home Jacoby tended to Emily, giving her the shots she needed and cleaning her wounds. The parents came home and looked to Emily, then yelled at Jacoby. Emily told them what happened and their parents stopped yelling.
     Jacoby picked Emily up and carried her to her room, he laid her down on the bed and covered her up, tucking her in. “Bubby stay with me,” Emily coughed, “I’m scared.”
     “Shh I’m here honey,” Jacoby smiled and laid down with her, he held her in his arms. “I love you baby sis, I love you so much.” Jacoby told her as he held her close, tears filling his eyes.
     “Love you too,” Emily smiled and curled up, then she coughed and fell asleep. Jacoby stayed with her, tending to her and keeping her under the covers. When Emily woke up she shivered, Jacoby smiled at her and covered her up, then hugged her, Emily hugged him back.
     “How do you feel Emily?” Jacoby asked, Emily squeezed his hand.
     “Weak,” she whispered and coughed, Jacoby hugged her carefully and sighed.
     “I’ll go get Mom and Dad OK baby sis,” Emily nodded and smile weakly at Jacoby, Jacoby smiled back and left. When he returned their parents were right behind him, Emily coughed and Jacoby sat her up and leaned her against a pillow.
     “Sweetie,” their Mom said as she hugged Emily and Emily hugged back, coughing, “we have to get you to a hospital.” Emily looked nervous and Jacoby held her hand.
     “Sissy it’s alright, you’ll be OK,” tears streamed down his cheeks as he thought about life without his sister.
     “I’ll be OK Bubby,” Emily whispered and coughed. They got Emily to the car and Jacoby sat with her, having her head in his lap. Emily squeezed his hand and shivered, Jacoby covered her up.
     When they got to the hospital Jacoby got Emily out and he walked into the emergency room with their parents. Jacoby told the doctor’s what happened and a nurse led them to a room where Jacoby laid Emily down on the bed. Emily coughed and gasped, Jacoby covered her up and held her hands as some doctors came in and started hooking her up to tubes. Emily closed her eyes and slept, Jacoby and his parents waited for Emily to wake up, praying she’d be OK.
     When Emily woke up Jacoby smiled slightly, “Hey baby sis,” Emily smiled back and hugged him tightly. “How do you feel?”
     “Tired and weak,” she whispered and coughed, Jacoby sighed.
     “You’ll pull through this, I promise,” Jacoby laid her back against the pillow as tears streamed down his cheeks.
     “Then why are you crying?” She wiped his tears away and he smiled at her.
     “Because I’m scared for you baby girl,” he replied, then gave her the remote. “Here, watch some TV while Bubby goes talk to your doctor.” Emily took the remote and smiled weakly.
     “OK Bubby,” she turned the TV on, “love you.” Jacoby smiled and kissed her forehead.
     “Love you too,” then he left. Emily watched some TV and coughed, Jacoby returned a few minutes later and sighed, then he sat down with Emily. “Sis are you hungry?” Emily shook her head no and Jacoby sighed. Jacoby then yawned and closed his eyes, Emily smiled and covered him up.
     “Good night Bubby,” she whispered and curled up close to him. When she woke up again she looked to her brother and smiled. “Good morning Bubby,” she said to him.
     “Good morning Princess,” he replied, smiling.
     “Bubby I don’t like it here,” she frowned and hugged him, he hugged back and sighed.
     “I know honey but you have to stay here until you are well enough to come home.” Jacoby told her, Emily sighed and nodded, then relaxed.
     “Bubby when we get home will you play Monopoly with me?” She asked him and he smiled at her.
     “Of course I will sweetie,” he replied, then he smiled and kissed her cheek. “When we get home I’ll make you something to eat.” Emily relaxed more and hugged Jacoby tightly.
     “Thanks Bubby, I’d like that.” About three weeks later Emily was wheeled out of the hospital, Jacoby hadn’t forgotten his promise and had visited Emily every day. Once Emily was outside Jacoby helped her into the car and smiled.
     Emily was relaxed in her bed, her parents and big brother at her side. Her big brother squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek, “I love you sis, get your rest,” Emily smile and squeezed his hand.
     “Love you too Bubby and I’ll be fine,” she relaxed more and fell asleep. Jacoby was sad his sister had to fight this, sad she might not make it. As Jacoby thought about life he remembered all the times he was mean to her which made him feel worst. Emily woke up three hours later and coughed, Jacoby sat with her and held her hand.
     They sat in silence for a while and he sighed, wanting to make things right. Every night from there they prayed together, Jacoby always held Emily’s hands and kept her close. About five months after Emily had gotten out of the hospital she was back in. It was more serious now, now she had many tubes in her and was sicker than before. Jacoby stayed by her and cried silently, hoping she could pull through, Emily squeezed his hand and coughed. She suddenly shivered and whispered, “I’ll be OK Jacoby…I’ll be OK,” she coughed more and he kissed her cheek.
     “Sleep sis, please sleep.” He cried and she hugged him as tight as she could.
     “Bubby I’m OK, I promise,” she smiled to him and he sighed, “I just need some rest is all.” She kissed his cheek and he hugged her, holding her close.
     “Sis I’m a Vampire, I can help you but it’ll hurt and you’ll have to do what I say for a while OK.” Emily nodded and coughed, Jacoby kissed her cheek again then leaned close and bit her neck gently, as his venom ran through her body she gasped in pain. Jacoby held her down gently and did his best to calm her down. “Emily it’s OK, I promise, you’ll be alright,” he smiled at her, “just don’t think about it, thin happy.” Emily did what her brother said and she calmed down, then passed out.
     A year later Emily and Jacoby were walking around Mandada Park, their parents had gotten into a car crash six months prior which still upset Emily and Jacoby, but at least they were still together, brother and sister, for all eternity.

(This is only PART of a story I'm making)

I drink the blood of the living, drain the life from their souls. I am very strong, fast, and amazing. But I don't like to brag too much, being a Vampire is amazing and I can kick anyone's butt. Not all of us are evil, but I might be.

(This is for roleplay, DON'T JUDGE ME)

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