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luis lopez ferlando
luis lopez ferlando
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July 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
Sorrry for a story like this.
Distant love!
it was a Cold night there. Ashley was Walking along in the sidepath. She had no friends. She saw a kid who was Searching something. She asked Him "what are you searching?" He replied "i'm searching for a small locket." she also started to search it. After some time she fount the locket and she gave it to him. She asked his name he replied "My name is Alex" She said " my name is ashley".She asked alex " why do u need a locket like this??" "I am searching a girlfriend. Im just a single and i'm alone."
She replied "ok you go to your home. Tomorrow we'll meet at the phonebooth."He replied " Okay!". the next day they both came there and they were joking each other.
Ashley said "Alex... Uh I..I ..u" Alex replied " now what're you gonna say now?" she replied " I love you!!" He replied" What??? I too had dreams of Loving a girl. But it had became true!! YAY!!!" they also got their phone nubers. some weeks later, Ashley called Him for a date. Alex accepted it and they both came to a park. Ales asked her " did you have kissed anybody?" She replied "No but i have some ideas to do it" Alex asked " Do you wanna Kiss somebody now?" She replied " YES YES!!!" alex said" why dont we both Kiss??" She replied " thats a good idea" then they both kissed.
Many years later, they got married and alex was an astronaut!!! alex Went to space And stayed in the Moon Base. Alex and ashley were talking only by telemetry signals. their love lasted longer than anything. alex also called ashley to go to space! they both arrived at mooon. but an asteroid Hit them and they both Died. even they aren't alive their love lasted longer..............................

I tried my best Big Grin 

its boooooring because this is my first story

BF3 and CSGO here i come Big Grin

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