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melissawolf_2447714 Lock
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April 2013

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Posted almost 3 years ago

There is this myth going around the internet for a couple of years now about a "creature" called the Slender Man. The myth kind of goes that he's a creature without a face, wears a black suit, and has abnormally large and thin limbs. He's said to hide in forests and takes pleasure in feeding on children. When he grabs his victims, if they see his "face," they cannot look away and are unable to run away. One sign that this creature is beginning to hunt for victims is that children begin to have nightmares about him

I've heard that this is a made-up creature on a forum, but stories about him have been told in other countries. I don't know if this is real or fake, but ever since I heard of it I've been trying to find more information about it. Somehow, on the first day of learning about him, I fell ill and vomited that very day. I presume this might be just a coincidence, but lately I don't know. I would be very grateful if you research this story and see what your opinion might be. Thank you.

love you all

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