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The Accounts of Human Observation.

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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(This is a developing brainstorm for a novel I plan to write.) 

July 7th, 2030,

I write this while packing, it can appear quite messy with my handwriting, my apologies. I am Schon, a 17-year-old boy of the Rol species on planet Thou. I'm not of high authority, and I don't really wish to be either.
Tonight I leave to Earth for my human studies class at Thou University. I wasn't well informed of the class when I began, and now I'm on a 2 year assignment to study a family on Earth. Because of my interest in galactic languages, I am going to arrive in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada to pursue the disguise of a Chinese-Canadian male.
I know both English and Chinese, so I plan to fit well in that racial sub-group. I need this class to graduate with my degree in psychology, so I need to give it my all on Earth. 
I saw the capsule I'm traveling in, yesterday. It's practically an iron maiden, I don't like how small it is! I'm 7 feet tall, and the height average in the capsule is 6 '10". This is going to hurt my back, I just know it.
Ah, well, my mother is calling me. There will be more written after my arrival to Earth.

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Sound interesting.

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Why not be insane instead?

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read my poem Wink

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Cruise in it.love them 4-ever

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Ainthats beautiful Me❤
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Your story sounds very interesting so far! I'd love to read what comes next!

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