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kage bunshin no jutsu
kage bunshin no jutsu
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November, 2010
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I am tired
Tired of trying to find words to get me inspired 
Tired of trying to find answers to what I truly inquire
Tired of every lie and tale
And sick of every time I try and result in a fail
Its like I'm in jail 
People always cornering me
I can't even fight it to somehow get free
Im trapped 
Hurtful words and endless pain
They don't even have something to gain
They just want to throw me in the rain
Its making me slowly go insane
But now I see that's just life
Somehow we can work through all the strife 
Maybe some of us can push back life's knife
But that job's tough many could be fired 
I just wish I could do it and I wouldn't be so tired


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February, 2013
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i am tired of being tired XD

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