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It claimed it would last forever
Scratching in lies with plastic painted fingernails
But then it died inside of me
And spitting
Whipping around pointed tails
The lies it used to whisper
Into my soft and empty
Three year old brain
Right now their biting back at me
Driving my lonely mind
Astray and insane
It used to be the thing that kept me going
I was breathing easily
And alive
But then it pushed me in
And told me I was the one
Who dived
Breathing is harder now
That im filled up with something that’s gone
Its rubbing up against my psyche
Causing hate sparked friction
Or is it just dread?

The dread of carrying around
A useless
Dead weight
Its getting harder to keep from drowning now
Im slipping away from my sanity now
Im about to break

mnomnomnomomnommnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom =^0.0^=

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