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The Chaos Emerald Hunt Part 2 By HyperTails

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   Jack was walking to the third location, until he heard someone saying, "Hello, anyone here?" "Who's there?" Jack said. Until he saw a girl coming out of the fog. "Who are you? he asked her. "My name is Julie Rose what's yours?" she asked Jack. "My name is Jack Hunter, you want to help me out?" he asked her. Julie said, "Yeah." So they went to the third location. They saw a blue glow up ahead. Until they almost fall into the lake. "I see it!" Julie said. "Nice, so are you swimming?" Jack asked Julie. Julie said, "I can't swim." So Jack went in the water and saw the Chaos Emerald at the bottom. As soon Jack tried to grab it, a sea monster came out of nowhere, and tried to bite Jack's leg. He went back up and told Julie, "There's a sea monster down there, it's ugly like King Kong!" "Try to go around it." she told Jack. So he went back down and went around it. He grabbed it, but the sea monster bit his leg. Jack is trying to get it off it's leg, but it won't let go. Until the sea monster noticed that one of her eggs hatched. She let go of Jack's leg, and went to her baby. Jack went back up to land. "Are you okay?" Julie asked him. Jack yelled, "NO!!!" Julie had to drag Jack to a campsite she made. 

 She healed Jack's leg by finding some healing herbs. "Thanks for healing my leg." Jack said. They got up and went to the forth location. "Why is it so hot?" Julie asked. Until they went to a volcano. They noticed that the Chaos Emerald is near the edge. "What are we going to do?" Jack asked Julie. "We can run, but we got to dodge the hot lava rocks." she said. So they Ran as fast as they can to the top, but Julie fell down, and a huge lava rock was coming down. "Jack help me!!" she yelled out. Jack slide down and grabbed her before the lava rock flatten her. They ran and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. "Well that was easy." Jack said.They slide back down, and went back to their campsite.

Hey I'm HyperTails! I'm a Sonic The Hedgehog fan. I also like WWE and Dragon Ball Z!

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